11 Signs That She Is Just Toying With You And Leading You Nowhere!

11 Signs That She Is Just Toying With You And Leading You Nowhere!

Do you keep on asking yourself whether the girl you seem to like likes you back or not? Does she keep on giving you mixed signals? Are you reading it all wrong? Well, let’s find out.

You seem to be falling in love with this girl who seems to show interest in you but yet doesn’t commit to you. She keeps the flame of hope alive but never goes to the extent of commitment. Why do some people lead others on? There is no particular reason why people do say.

Love is a wonderful experience but when it happens with someone who doesn’t exactly reciprocate your feelings yet seems to give hope to you, it turns out to be a confusing and frustrating one. If it is so, then you probably fell in love with the wrong person, even though it feels right to you.

There are plenty of reasons why a girl behaves so and you can’t say she’s a bitch. Maybe she is but maybe you are reading the signs wrong. Maybe she is the same with all the guys and you are reading a bit too much into her actions.

Well, you never know what it exactly is but if she is actually leading you on then hopefully this article will help you in finding out.

Blows Hot And Cold

The girl you like seems to be so close to you today but the next day she suddenly flips her behavior and avoids you totally. One day she’s all cozy with you and next day when some other guy pays her attention and you are not even in her sights anymore than she is definitely leading you on. This seems to be happening a lot and you have let go of such behavior many times. But now you got to stop it.

Your Relationship Has No Name

She asks to hang out with you, pretty much like a date. Then she flirts with you, cozies up with you and even shares a few memorable moments with you. But still, when it comes to naming your relationship she doesn’t acknowledge it as a relationship. She says you are just friends in front of her friends. She admits that you are attractive in not so many words but yet when it comes to naming it she says you are friends.

She Gets Cozy With You

Well, you just don’t get cozy with someone. If you do then maybe you have feelings for that person or you are just looking for some attention and care. She does whatever she feels like. Depending on her mood she might cuddle with you or might not even let you hold her hand but you are just happy with whatever she allows. If this is what happens to you then walk away before you fall for her even more.

She Seeks Your Attention

She doesn’t give a damn when you need her and when she has company. But when she is lonely or when she needs you she tries all the possible ways to stay in contact with you. She doesn’t remember you when she is having fun. But when she has no one she comes to you and behaves like you are the center of her universe. It is obvious that she is fooling you. Above all she even demands you give her the time and attention.


She Never Acknowledges Your Feelings For Her

Every time you try and confess your feelings to her, she just brushes it away as if she didn’t hear you. She might hesitate when you openly speak about your feelings to her and in extreme cases might tell you that she doesn’t think of you that way. But she would never hesitate in leaning in and getting cozy with you. Trying to make you feel better when she is rude to you is her only answer for your confession.


She Doesn’t Mind Dating Others

If the girl always shows interest in others and doesn’t mind dating others than it is crystal clear that you do not hold the same place in her life like she does in yours. She wouldn’t mind going out with others or dating them but yet when it comes to you she would make you feel like you are important to her. She is just leading you on and you are not the only one in her life.


Intimate And Flirty Phone Conversations

11 Signs That She Is Just Toying With You And Leading You Nowhere!

You both often have phone conversations. She doesn’t mind texting you first either. It makes you feel special, due to which you forget to notice the fact that intimacy is more noticeable only in phone conversations and not personally. She won’t even mind saying intimate things to you on phone but ignores you when you are in front of her.


She Doesn’t Mention You When She Talks About Her Future

Whenever she normally talks about her future, she often tells you about what all she plans to do but there is no mention of you in her plans. It is an indirect way through which she is letting you know that you have no shot at a permanent place in her life. You are here but she’s either not sure about you or considers you just for time being. It is you who has to take the hint and leave before you end up wasting all your time and emotions on someone who’s not really worth it.


She Hasn’t Introduced You To Her Friends

You two have known each other for a long time and yet you haven’t been introduced to her friends. Even if you ever met her friend’s coincidentally, she never introduced you to her friends formally. Even more astonishing for you must be the fact that her friends do not know you. It is a clear sign that she doesn’t think you are important enough to mention to her friends.


She Constantly Flake On Plans

You have been planning for something exciting for long but yet when it comes to the day she ditches you. She isn’t as excited as you. She doesn’t value your presence as much as you do. She doesn’t mind on ditching the plans because she knows you’ll still be there no matter what. She’ll come with you on her own schedule and on her own availability.


She Says She Is Not Ready For Any Kind Of Commitment

11 Signs That She Is Just Toying With You And Leading You Nowhere!

She never hesitates in spending time with you or getting intimate with you. But as soon as you mention about commitment she says she isn’t ready for any kind of relationship right now. You might still be there for them with the hope that she is confused and that she doesn’t realize the feelings. But in reality, she just doesn’t think you are the one for her. She might give you mixed signals because for her it might not be the same thing.

If you do see these signs then walk away before it’s too late. She might not be doing it intentionally but she is definitely leading you on and it’s about time you make her realize that.



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