6 Different ways to know your partner better!


There are some couples who always make your jaw drop when it comes to knowing each other. Some couples are such that even in a three month long relationship they are far well equipped with the knowledge about each other than a long-term relationship of five years. Knowing each other better has nothing to do with long term or short term. It is about how the couple has utilized the time in hand and invested in getting to know each other better. There is so much to know in a person that we cannot be certain about everything they acquire in their personalities. Still, the following steps can immensely be helpful in getting to know them well as a person. Let us find out how!


  1. Learn about their weaknesses

Every person is good at swiftly portraying their good image in front of everyone. Nobody likes to discuss their weaknesses. However, a person’s weak points can actually tell a lot about the person and help the opposite one in knowing him/her better. An emotional connect is easy to develop when two people are well versed about each other’s weaknesses in a relationship. Then it becomes easy to help them overcome those grey areas and they can be a support system to one another.


  1. Talk about their past


I condemn the idea of people who are in a relationship who say that one must never poke the past of a person if you truly love them. I don’t think that is correct. I see no wrong in talking about their past, as it is a part of knowing them better. It is certainly better to know their past and accept them whole heartedly than to be okay with someone that is unknown. Hence, I suggest that couples must discuss their past. It shouldn’t be deliberate such that you take a day off just to listen to his old stories as that would seem that you are sitting prepared to judge him. People are comfortable to discuss their past when that is the least important thing at the moment. So, you can discuss it over a glass of wine at a Friday night or over a coffee or slice of pizza when you guys are chilling.


  1. Go on a vacation


Vacation that are taken together open books of information about people. I don’t know whether it is the nature that works best or is it the journey or both. But vacations surely help unveil the funny, adventure, dark or crazy side of a person. Vacations are so kickass that sometimes you feel that you have been dating a different person all the while. So, plan a vacation soon and be prepared for surprises.


  1. Try out each other’s hobbies

This is a great way in getting to know what makes them happy and more importantly ‘why’ it makes them happy. We often land up in dilemmas that how can a person enjoy a certain sport or a TV show or to say a particular cuisine. Well! I suggest you go and try it a couple of times to know what’s it that got their undisputed attention. You guys either will start liking each other’s hobbies or even if it’s the opposite, at least the understanding will grow fonder as there will be a sense of obligation between you two.


  1. Communicate with their oldest friends


I am sure you wouldn’t deny that your oldest friends have the deep kept secret of yours. Similarly, his friends can narrate you his tales of wit and amusement. So tag them along when you guys plan an outing or invite them over for festivities. Not only will you share a great time but you will also get abundance of insight into your partner’s likes and dislikes.


  1. Set Goals together

A lot of couples only limit themselves to supporting each other when it comes to achieving goals. Couples who grow deeper understanding and bond set goals together. The true essence of companionship is tested when similar goals have to be met. Individually, of course you both may do well with each other’s support but to accomplish a task that requires equal contribution will unveil a lot of pages about the partnership between you two. The right mindset, the motivation and enthusiasm to work together and to believe in each other will not only bring bundles of joy when you reach your goals but will also help you guys understand how to set things when you both are sailing on different boats or if there are contradictory opinions.


So these were six golden techniques that you should use if you wish to open a few more chapters about your partner. These are simple yet cool things that can be fun and you can derive a lot more sensibility and care for each other.


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