8 Guy Behaviors that women find annoying!

8 Guy Behaviors that women find annoying!

If you feel that your woman is behaving pissed off with you and doesn’t seem to revert back with the expected replies, you may be going wrong with the following things. There are a few things that annoy a woman to no limits. It is better to grab control than to regret later. Read below:


1.     Possessive

Women are already objectified heavily by the society and its senseless conditions. When you try to be possessive, it becomes evident that you are playing the same role and treating them as an object of ownership. If you think that a woman cannot take her of her own and requires your expert opinions for everything that she does, you are not letting her be a confident woman. If you are someone who demands accounts for everything that she is doing in her life, where she is going, what she is eating, whom she is texting, you are lacking a quality of treating everyone with equality. You are disrespecting the decisions of you woman and forcefully claiming your rights over them.

  1. Sloppy

8 Guy Behaviors that women find annoying!

Women are gifted with a sense to take good care of hygiene and they make sure that they are not sloppy and dirty. They love to keep themselves clean and also like to keep their surroundings intact. Men who lack good hygiene and are always ignoring their house and personal care, tend to annoy women and after a certain point in time, they find it extremely hard to adjust with it.

  1. Insensitive

Women are expressive in nature, unlike men. Men usually constitute the idea of not being emotionally driven as an act of strength and independence. Whereas the truth is that, not expressing your sentiments is a sign of weakness and insensitivity. This difference of thought often makes  a man tag their female partner as ‘dramatic’ or ‘drama queen’. When you begin discarding someone’s feelings, women feel rejected and disheartened. Expression is a very important part of communication and when you are in a relationship, expressing your emotions time to time is an important factor.

  1. Grumpy

A negative attitude towards life is the most annoying of all. When men are complaining and never satisfied, women feel criticized and undervalued. They appreciate when men are filled with gratitude and are problem solvers. When  men isolate themselves in social gathering or just in general, women miss out on the essence of companionship for which they landed up in a relationship with you. They also hate it when you derail from your sanity and channelize your frustration onto them.


  1. Untrustworthy

Making commitments is one thing and fulfilling them is another. Men who are pro at failing to keep their promises tend to annoy women to great extents. Not only do they feel taken for granted but they also feel that they have been made fool out of. Keeping your personal interests before everything is not always appreciated as after a time, it becomes selfishness rather than self-importance.

  1. Procrastinator

You may be busy and occupied but you cannot just continue to procrastinate your responsibilities. If your help is required, then you must show up. Your consistency in delaying your responsibilities and leaving things for later makes a woman frustrated and left out. They find it very hard to not think of you as a responsible man who can manage to take care of multiple things. You may not be a multi-tasker but you can surely acquire some time management skills to resolve the procrastinator in you.

  1. Self-centered

8 Guy Behaviors that women find annoying!

Self-centered men usually also turn out to be dominant. It is hard to have a level headed conversation with them as they are full of ideas that suggest that people around them exist to serve them and feel grateful for being a part of his life. Honestly, it should be vice-versa. Such men undergo a very tough time dealing with failures and criticism and often end up making a woman feel humiliated, debased and unhappy.


  1. Flirtatious

God save men who think it is absolutely okay to be flirtatious with other women. This is the topmost complaint of a lot of women. A lot of men feel that staying with a woman is under utilizing their charm that can be used to impress several other ladies. This does not mean that their intentions are filthy or they are aiming at cheating you, but it reflects a feeling of discomfort in being with one single woman and owning a feeling of contentment.

Both men and women have flaws and women too have their set of annoying factors. The above mentioned are things that a man does that jeopardizes the harmony of a relationship and makes a woman feel uncomfortable. It is a man’s responsibility that his woman feels secure and desired in all possible ways. When she feels that  she has taken a back seat in his priority list, she disheartens.



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