8 Ways to make a great impression on a first date!

8 Ways to make a great impression on a first date!

Have you heard the expression, “First impression is the last impression.” It’s true in almost all areas of life. But the place where it is most applicable is on first dates. Have you ever wondered why you didn’t get a reply from her after the first date? If you have there is no need to be ashamed because we all have been in that phase. The problem is not with you but the impression you left on her on the first date. Understand that you don’t need to be a muscular hunk with god-like face to do that. Here are some things that help you make a great impression on the first date.


  • Go the extra mile

If you are asking her out please don’t ask her where she would like to go or the worst, make her find the place. Girls like guys who are confident and sure that they can handle things. Go ahead book a place and while doing so keep in mind the things she likes rather than what you do. Also, ditch the whole chocolate and rose bouquet, unless she is a sucker for that. Try to get her the flowers you think she may like (lilies and orchids). Please pick her up rather than asking her to come to the place. Don’t mind going the extra mile.

  • Don’t go to a coffee shop

If you plan to have your first date in a coffee shop it isn’t gonna turn into a second one for most cases. This is because there is nothing you both can talk about if you don’t know each other very well. You can choose an art gallery, a museum or an amusement park which all give you plenty of things to talk about. And if you are socially awkward this will help you by being an instant icebreaker.

  • Be polite and not pushy

8 Ways to make a great impression on a first date!

Understand that girls don’t tell you everything but they observe every minute detail. So don’t try overdoing anything, just be yourself. Don’t forget the basic etiquettes like closing your mouth while eating, don’t talk and eat at the same time or make inappropriate comments on people around you. You might think that’s really funny but you are just showing who you are as a person, which is rude. Don’t forget to open doors for her but if she tells she would do it then don’t be pushy about it. It’s the little things that matter.

  • Be complimentary

There is a fine line when it comes to complimenting a girl. You overdo and she’ll know, you don’t and she’ll never forget. The best way to handle this is don’t try to win her by compliments but rather by being honest. Now rather than being too honest about the things you don’t like just stick to the ones you do like. If you like how she has done her hair or the dress she’s wearing or her eyes go ahead and compliment. But again avoid inappropriate comments especially sexual one; it’s just the first date.

  • Don’t make it all about you

8 Ways to make a great impression on a first date!

This is a mistake most guys do. They think that they would impress the girl by talking about them. Well, how well is it working? It’s because nobody like a person who talks only about himself/herself. It’s rude and highly uninteresting. But the irony is people do like to talk about themselves so if they find someone who is happy to listen, they get attracted to that person. So be curious, ask about her and be interested in what she’s talking about. This will make you automatically attractive in her eyes. Also, don’t over do it and keep adding things about yourself that are related to the things she’s talking about. If she tells you about her favorite childhood memory, you can share yours too.

  • Always have a backup plan

If you have ever seen the show ‘Suits’ you’ll know how girls drool over Harvey. Yes, it is his looks but to add to that is his quick wit. A woman loves a man who can think on his feet. So there’s a huge queue and you don’t seem to get to your ride soon. Find a way out or surprise her taking her to someplace else. This helps you to look quick witted and also doesn’t let her get bored with you. This also lets her feel that with you there could be a lot of surprises which makes her yearn for more. So plan a couple of steps ahead which helps you look smarter in front of her.

  • Be yourself

8 Ways to make a great impression on a first date!

The one thing that makes you attractive is confidence and you can only get that being 100% you. Many guys try to imitate someone they are not and in the process lose a good girl. The problem is we tend to think that we can fool girls but we can’t. Learn to be yourself and even though you don’t get a relationship you earn the respect of the girl you went on a date with. Also, the right girl would like you for who you are rather than someone you are trying to be. So be yourself and be confident.

  • Be respectful

This is probably the most important point of all. We men have a tendency to treat women the wrong way if things don’t go our way. We lie, cheat and use various wrong ways to make things happen for us. We have to stop thinking that women are a stupid piece of meat and respect them as humans. Haven’t you heard, ‘give respect, take respect.’? So if you want to be respected and appreciated learn to do the same without any hidden agenda. This alone would make you far more attractive than many other guys.
To be honest, people are very complex and there can never be a guide that could generalize the rules to make someone fall for you. But we never stop trying and hope these little things help you do better the next time you go for a date.


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