9 Things a good man will never do in a relationship!

9 Things a good man will never do in a relationship!

As a part of the male population, I think we start losing touch with our emotions as we grow up. Why wouldn’t we? ‘Boys don’t cry’ is the common phrase in a household. Guys play football, they don’t read poetry. No, I have nothing against guys who play football but all this is doing is creating physically strong men with very little emotional development. These men go into relationships and have no idea how to handle their emotions as well as their partners. All we are doing is creating a world of broken people. If only we stopped telling our kids how a boy/girl should behave; they may become better individuals. So here I am to tell you what a good man doesn’t do when he’s in a relationship.

He will not be picky about your looks

We have become so superficial while forming relationships that we forget to see the important things; a sense of humor, care, affection, empathy etc. So, all that is left of the person is their physical aspects which are bound to change. And when they do we start being grumpy about it and try searching for something else. A good man falls in love with the person as a whole (yes looks included). So, if you want to cut your hair short or maybe try a different color of your hair they wouldn’t mind. They love you no matter how you look.

He respects privacy

This is a huge topic when it comes to a relationship. Most people say that there should be complete transparency in a relationship. To be practically honest it isn’t possible to do. So the best way is learning to trust your partner. Unless you can trust them don’t get into a serious relationship with them. You shouldn’t be checking their phones and emails when they aren’t looking. You should be able to trust them to tell you things rather than spying on them to find out. A good man knows that privacy is important.

He encourages you

9 Things a good man will never do in a relationship!
If she comes to you and tells you about something new she is going to try viz poetry, painting, or cooking, don’t rain on her parade. We all want or partners to support us when we are trying to do something new. You have to understand that trying something new is already scary and you commenting on them may discourage them to a point they wouldn’t try it at all. A good man will always be supportive in his partner’s new venture. They will be both their friend and critique helping them to get better.

He doesn’t take you for granted

Everyone on this planet is worthy in their own way. We shouldn’t be needing to prove our worth, especially to the people we love. If you are making her prove her worth every single time then she is definitely going to get tired after some time or someone else would find her worthy. A good man knows the worth of his partner and tries to make her feel special rather than feeling taken for granted. As they say, “Act like you are still trying to win her and it will last.”

He knows his priorities

While I never suggest that people make their relationships their life but there is a certain level of priority you have to give to the people and things in life. You both have your individual lives but some days she’ll be needing you; don’t go out with the boys and stay in with her. Some days she would like to meet your friends, be a part of your life; don’t make her feel she’s not worthy. You have to make her feel that she is your priority and you will always be there when she needs you.

He doesn’t let you feel alone in the relationship

9 Things a good man will never do in a relationship!
If you are always the one lazing around while your partner plans everything to make you feel special, then you should stop it right away. They could have done the same without being in a relationship with you but they chose to share their life with you. So let her know that you too consider her a special part of your life. Plan dinner dates or movie nights with her. A good man works on his relationship.

He doesn’t avoid important conversations

It is not just about your partner but in general, nothing can be solved until it is faced. A good man understands this and rather than avoiding and delaying the important talks they want to clear it as early as possible. They like to be responsible and in control of the situation that could affect their relationship. So, if you are avoiding your problem you need to start dealing with them right away.

He doesn’t cheat on you

This is a straightforward thing in a relationship. You chose that person and now you don’t get to give anyone else the same place. If you really feel that things aren’t working out, man up and talk your partner or end things. But a good man never cheats on his partner because that is never the right thing to do. A good man never cheats.

He will never abuse you

I can’t stress this point enough. In the attempt to make men more masculine we don’t mind hurting the people we love; physically or mentally. No matter what’s wrong with you and your partner you won’t abuse her verbally or physically. Learn to be a man at all times not just when you are trying to woo her. So when the tempers go down they’ll respect you even more. Good men never abuse.
As Albert Einstein said, “Be a man of value rather than a man of success.” Be a good man and your relationship will flourish. Hope these pointers help you.


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