9 Things You’ll Relate To If You Are The Only Single Guy In The Group

9 Things You’ll Relate To If You Are The Only Single Guy In The Group

Being single is fun, isn’t it? Right, try being the only single person in the group of committed friends. Not so fun now, right? Well, we feel you, bro! While all your friends are busy eating the faces of their significant other you are trying to maintain a healthy relationship with popcorn and tv.

The fact is you didn’t realize how it happened but now you are the third wheel everywhere you go with your friends. Oh, I m sure you might have some pretty awesome friends, who love to hang out with you but there are some occasions where some things happen with you that make you feel bad for yourself. You might stick to your friends all the time and people will start wondering whether there is some love triangle and let’s not mention the sympathetic looks your family gives you when you hang out with your group of committed friends.

If you relate to these than am damn sure you’ll relate to the list too. Read on to know the struggles of being the only single guy in the group.


You Are Not Counted Anymore Because You Are Just Synonymous To The Wheel

Hate to say it but this happens more than once, well, try saying always. You end up being the third, fifth or seventh wheel in the group. Cheers to the odd numbers! Your friends are so busy in looking after their girlfriends that you seem to be left out. You might as well be an accessory they agreed to bring along. Your outings are not outings anymore, at least for you. Duh, because they just take you along to make you feel good and not feel left out but you end up being left out anyway.


People Look At You And Wait For Someone To Show Up Beside You

Dinners become even more complicated. You not only have to sit alone but also receive hopeful looks from people and waiters who hope that someone is going to join you. As if booking the table for seven or nine was not embarrassing enough. You know what’s more awkward? Your friends don’t even realize your situation because they are too busy romancing with their girlfriends. To add salt to the wound, you have no one to share your dessert or ice cream with.


You Know More Than What You Could Have About A Relationship, Without Being In A Relationship

9 Things You’ll Relate To If You Are The Only Single Guy In The Group

In spite of you being the single one is the whole group you still find yourself giving love advice to your committed friends. You being single doesn’t affect your knowledge about love and relationships. Be the fights or arguments or the patch-ups, you have seen them all and have firsthand experience with them regardless of the fact that you are not even in a relationship right now. There are times where all of these makes you really want to give up on the thought of having a relationship yourself and love your single life.

Meeting Them Is Literally Unavoidable

No matter how many excuses you come up with, you are eventually going to have to meet them because they are your friends, you can’t avoid them forever. But meeting them also means being the third wheel, having to be the peacemaker when they fight, forced to take sides in spite of you trying to be in the neutral territory, looking at them doing all the lovey-dovey stuff while you sit alone and stare at their attached hands and sometimes you also have to see them getting horny with each other. It is like a ride to hell, the one that you can’t escape.

You Are The Butt Of Jokes And Sympathy

You being the only single person left in the group makes you the target for all the jokes and sympathy. Sometimes you yourself make jokes at your own expense. Your friends wonder why you are still single and they don’t hesitate in laying it out on the table either. Sympathy is the worst thing. Everyone always seems to be saying that they are here for you and that you’ll find someone soon and blah blah. Even when everyone is content and comfortable in the social atmosphere, you still feel the awkwardness and try to fill in the pauses with your chatter.

You Absolutely Hate The Surprise Visits, Thanks To Your Buddy

9 Things You’ll Relate To If You Are The Only Single Guy In The Group

You might have planned a fun all-boys night out to spend with your guys but their girlfriends show up to spend some time with their SO. All thanks to your friends for letting his girlfriend know all about the whereabouts. You start hating the surprise visits and what’s even more frustrating is when your friend cancels and bails on you. For you, it might have been a game night with beer but for them, it is an opportunity to finally get some alone time with their girlfriend and get laid. And the worst part is your friend doesn’t hesitate in saying this to you. Way to make things awkward for you and to feed your imagination!

You Get To Photobomb Their Cute Couple Photos All The Time

As much as frustrating it is to hang out with the couple, the fun part is you have so much entertainment. You also get to have new friends in the form of their girlfriends. You can also enjoy your revenge by photo-bombing their cute couple pictures and rub it in their face as well.

‘Wait, My Friend Is Committed, Am Not! Don’t Go!’

Oh, this is the worst part of hanging around with committed couples. Everyone that walks past you assumes that even you are committed and that your girlfriend is going to join you soon. The couple brigade beside you will never understand this. All your advances towards any girl is brushed off just due to the fact that you hang around with committed people so you got to be committed too.

Believe It Or Not, They Are Not Going To Forget You!

If you fear now that your friends are committed and they will toss you aside just because you are single then you are wrong. Your friends are not going to forget you. Of course, that is if you have some solid friendships only then but if you have some shallow friendship then they may or may not forget you. If anything, your committed friends are more mindful about your presence and involvement than your single friends.

Do you relate to all these points? If you have any such experience which you want to share then feel free to comment below.



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