Do you like romcom?




Who doesn’t love lying lazily on the couch, grabbing a bucket full of popcorn and watching the entire seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and ‘How I Met Your Mother’ back to back. Romcoms can be bitter, sweet, cheesy, heartbreaking but totally unforgettable! Here are few situations and if you find yourself in any of these, your life is surely as much as a rollercoaster ride just the way shown in those crazy romcoms…..:-


  • Someone you hated is now your love interest

Do you like romcom?

You just hate the guy next door today, but you’re head over heels in love with him tomorrow! Hatred turning into love is the oldest plotline of those typical romcoms. You might be completely annoyed by the care-free habits of your neighbour guy. His favourite pastime is to raise your eyebrows, and it seems as if you two just cannot stand each other for even a moment. But the cat isn’t out of the bag yet! Wait till destiny plays its role and set you up with him. Ever heard about “Opposites attract”…?? Yup, true story!


  • You turn into a hot bombshell

Do you like romcom?

Take off your glasses and all of your troubles are gone…. just like that! Ever noticed that one girl in a romcom who is far away from others’ imaginations of a hot bombshell! She is shy, reserved, introvert, holding books with one hand and adjusting glasses with the other. She secretly likes a heart-throb but can never gather the courage to reveal her feelings. If you too can relate to this character, all you need to do is take off your glasses and get an unimaginable makeover to turn your world upside down! At least that’s what those romcoms teach us…!


  • He is already friend zoned


You never realised that your so called best friend loves you madly and when you finally do…he’s already someone else’s private property! This is the most tragic situation of a romcom. For your whole life, you’d been dreaming of your dream guy. Little did you know, he was always right in front of you trying harder & harder to get rid of that ‘friendzone’! Once you realised that you two have a thing….. well, he’s gone! Too late, poor girl…! *sigh*


  • Your bestie has feelings for him

Do you like romcom?

You love a guy…. you’re on your way to confess your feelings…. and hey, your bestie is in love with that guy too!! Best lovers forever or Best Friends Forever……. the choice is yours. Have you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re compelled to choose between your bestie who you grew young with and the soulmate you want to grow old with! Definitely sounds like the plot of a romcom!


  • There are chances you might have lost him or….


And when the moment of realisation arrives….. he’s on his way to the wedding venue to tie the knots with someone else or to the airport to never come back again! The most loved climax scene of our favourite romcoms! All you can do in these situations is run and stop him before it’s too late….. Airports have now become the new ‘Proposal spot’ !!!


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