Are you in an emotionally abusive relationship?




People fall int love for no specific reason whatsoever. But, on a general note, everyone wishes to be happy. However, human nature is ever changing. A once- love- filled relationship may turn into a nightmare if you aren’t careful about the choice of your partner. A psychopath, narcissist partner, can wreck havoc on your life. He does not need to physically abuse you but just the fact that he fails to respect your being is a sign that you are in an emotionally abusive relationship. Things might get so worse, that getting out of it will one crazy decision.


However, are so aware of the signs that show you are in an abusive relationship? [Read: Traits of a Psychopath] These are signs that confirm your partner is taking a toll on your mind:


Constant accusations and Blame

Are you in an emotionally abusive relationship?

A healthy relationship means there is a lot of mutual understanding between the two partners. If one makes mistakes, he/she apologizes or the other tries to understand the situation and behave accordingly. However, if your relationship is in a state where you are forced to take the blame of whatever goes wrong, you should be alarmed of the emotional abuse you are going through. He will pick faults with you and confuse you in such a way that you will lose sight of the issue you wanted to discuss with him.


No communication whatsoever

Are you in an emotionally abusive relationship?

If your partner withholds all sorts of conversations with you, take note of it. He will be giving you the silent treatment whereby he will refuse to discuss what’s bothering him or if you are not able to meet up to his expectations. He will be in a constant state of denial of you existence and will refuse to be answerable to you. He will repeatedly avoid you, won’t seek your company and will try and withdraw into his shell, and give you no explanations about his whereabouts. You will receive no appreciation for all that you do for him, and he will repeatedly try and make you will worst about yourself as if you aren’t good enough.


Demeaning you or your feelings

An emotionally abusive partner will never help you evolve into someone better, rather they will try and belittle your inputs or your ideas. In fact, they are so manipulative that you will never win an argument with them. Instead, he will make you feel as if your need to seek help for complaining about all that he does. All your energy will be sucked up to justifying your feelings, but all that you will ever receive is him pointing fingers at you. You will be made to believe that he is the best you can have, and you will never be happy in anybody else’s company.


Criticizing you publicly

Are you in an emotionally abusive relationship?

An abuser is smart enough to pick your strengths and weaknesses right at the start of the relationship. You will be so drawn towards him that confiding in him will be only but natural. With time, he will take advantage of all that he knows about you and criticize your appearance, your intellect, your views and your outlook. He will insult you in front of his friends and family in a very smart way, knowing very well that you may not get back at him right then and there. Also, if you do, he will be quick to remark that you are immature, cannot sportingly deal with healthy criticism or understand sarcasm.



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