How To Be A Ladies Man: 11 Things That Movies Failed To Teach You

How To Be A Ladies Man: 11 Things That Movies Failed To Teach You

Movies are one of the favorite pass times for many people. They can teach you several things but what they fail to teach you is how to be a ladies’ man. Well, you might say that movies are not real but that still doesn’t change the fact that everyone loves them and wants them to be real. Movies portray characters that really don’t exist in real life and hence they are not a great guide for real life.

Why do guys like to make all the girls swoon around them? Well, it’s for the same reason why girls want guys to be charmed by them. It’s pretty simple. Everyone wishes to be loved and want to spend more time with women.

Some guys want to understand on a deeper level and not just on the surface. Guys are pretty possessive and they want girls to depend on them and go to them when they need advice. So how to be a man that women want to spend their time with? It takes much more than looks and  here are few traits that movies fail to teach you.


Being Sensitive Helps


People have always preached that a man should never cry. Why though? Why is there a certain stigma attached to men who show feelings? Guys have feelings too. Being sensitive is actually a quality that women look for in men. They want a man to actually feel things and also appreciate it when they lean on their shoulder to cry on. So you have to crush the stigma and actually share your feelings. It makes women feel special.


Be A Nice Person

It is still not known as to why do movies try to show the male protagonist in such way that they come off as a jerk. They behave rudely with the female protagonist and often are the ones who tease and make them cry. Yet the female protagonist seems to fall in love with him. Is it the same in real life? Nah, women stay away from the men who seem to be rude and who are mean. It just doesn’t work that way. Women like nice guys, the ones who care and are gentle with them. Be a nice person and be kind, women love such men.


Get To Know The Real Her


When you want a woman to really like you then you have to make efforts to know her on a personal level and a deeper level. How many women do you know on a deeper level? Not many, I guess. You need to learn to do it. Connect with a woman on a deeper level only than you’ll know everything about her. You can understand how a woman operates.


Show A Deeper Side To You

As stated earlier it takes much more than looks to make a woman swoon. If you stay aloof about your own personal life and expect a woman let you inside her own personal life it is not going to work. It works two ways you know. You are not a shallow person and you need to show that. You need to express what you are passionate about, what ignites the fire in you and that you are not just a hard shell. If girls pick up on the fact that there’s more to you than what shows on the surface then they’ll be more around you.


Be Genuine And Honest


You might boost a lot about yourself and if it comes out that you are faking it then you’ll lose your chance with the woman forever. That’s why you need to be genuine. Truth has its ways to come out and even though you hide it under a pile of distractions it will still stand out. Women are often intuitive, a lot more than you realize. They are also pretty observant. So don’t lie about things in your life just for attention, be genuine.


Compliment More Than Their Physical Appearance

Yes, women love compliments but if all of them are just on their outer appearance then not so much. It is not that easy to make a woman blush and make her feel special.

All those movies in which the actors go on about the beauty of the eyes of the actress and about their body are just good in movies. In real life, woman wants to be complimented for her internal qualities like how hard working she is or how much she cares or how kind she is. If you compliment her on something which she doesn’t hear daily then you’ll be more than a standard guy for her.


Be Empathetic


I know you can’t pretend to be someone else. But you can try to at least understand what others are going through. You need not really be going through the same thing to understand what the other is going through. That’s what empathy is, understanding others feeling and sharing them. Be empathetic to impress a woman. Show her that you understand what she’s going through and that you are with her in this.


Don’t Be Afraid To Joke Around

Woman love it when guys have a good sense of humor and do not hesitate to show it from time to time. Trust me, girls are not humorless. Girls enjoy jokes and share dirty ones from time to time. If you can make a woman laugh in such a way that they get a stomach ache then you have won her over and she’ll be impressed, like totally! So don’t be afraid to show a woman your humor.


Put Effort And Understand Things From Their Perspective

This is something men fail to do. They do not put efforts to understand things from a woman’s point of view. That is why feminism is something that seems to be so in rising right now, well men name it as ‘man hating’ but that’s not what real feminism is about. Understand why certain things offend women and why they react the way they do. Do not hesitate to ask questions on what you don’t understand.


Don’t Point Out Their Insecurities


When you point out the insecurities of a girl in public then you hurt her on a deeper level. It is never a good idea to point out anyone’s insecurities. If you make jokes on them then you’ll lose her interest in you because she’ll assume that you do not care for her. You have to understand how deep a woman’s insecurities can run.


Make Her Feel Special

Ultimately this is what it comes to for you to be a ladies man. You have to know how to impress a girl and how to make her feel special. It takes a lot of knowledge about women to know this.

Not easy, I know. But this is what takes for a man to do if he wants women to flock around him.



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