Relationship issues caused by social media


Back in time, relationships had a pattern. Either there was love marriage or arranged marriage and then the baby. It wasn’t as complicated as it is now as the prospects, discontents, and all the compromises were only to the two involved in a relationship.


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Things have vastly changed now and with the advent of social media platforms, the age of smartphones have changed the outlook of relationship satisfaction and its overall pandemonium.

Today our whole world lies in that mini smartphone and the digital piece seems to be more interesting than the individuals carrying it. In today’s scenario, most people will agree that the main reasons behind their breakups are Facebook/Instagram fights, sexting or any other kind of digital infidelity.

We figured out the four main issues caused by social media in a relationship and how to solve them the retro way.



Relationship issues caused by social media

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Anything or everything you post is your digital footprint and it is jolly well noted by your partner. The status updating has become a major thing to judge loyalty today. If one partner updates the relationship status and the other doesn’t, then it is calculated as a digital difference between the couple and is often remarked as infidelity.

Retro Solution– You do not require a social media platform to own up you relationship. Although the acknowledgment can be great but it is not necessary, it is just a bonus. Your relationship depends on your talks and what you share with your partner offline.



Relationship issues caused by social media

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The authenticity and integrity of relationships today are a lot being judged on the basis of the number of likes and comments your better half attempts on your posts. If your partner posts sugar coated comments on your posts, then it is considered as a sign of a caring and adorable partner and well if he/she doesn’t, then one has to be prepared for some hullaballoo. And, if by chance there are no likes on your posts and there are on another girl’s timeline, then a war lies around the corner for sure.

Retro Solution– Your partner’s behavior towards you in real life matters the most and not how he reacts to your posts online. Your memories and good times with your partner is what are essential for a healthy relationship and not the temporary likes and comments on a selfie or a meme.



Relationship issues caused by social media

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In earlier days, there were more talks face to face than the socialmedia tracking that we have today. Social media take a handsome amount of our times from our daily lives and therefore, what we do in the duration online becomes our digital footprints. If you go through your ex’s profile on Facebook and like a picture, it becomes a big issue. Couples end up in fights if there are comments or tags from an ex-lover on your picture or posts.

Retro Solution– `Set your digital boundaries. Whatever extent to which you are open with your partner being involved with his ex-online, make it clear. If he likes her pictures, more than your then it does not always have to mean that he likes her more than you. Talk, talk and talk and see what works for the both of you.



Relationship issues caused by social media

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Today, you want to make excuses also and at the same time you want the world to know the reality. For instance, you told your partner that you cannot make it or the movie as you are busy with a meeting but at the same time you wish to update on your Facebook that you are hanging out with your friends at the coolest restaurant in town. The check-ins carry a lot of tussle between the couples these days because the GPS transparency on social media platforms proves that there isn’t much transparency in the real lives of the love-birds.

Retro Solution– If you are the one who lied, then introspect why you lied and make a straight sincere apology. If your partner cheated, then talk to him as to why he did so. Ask him if you are too controlling or do not grant him space to have his own time with his friends. Sort the gap between the two of you by communicating properly with each other.



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