10 Most Amazing Benefits of Kissing!

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Think about this moment: Your face is so close to hers, that you can feel her warmth, you close your eyes, your heartbeat increases and you patiently wait for the moment where your lips connect for the first time.

It came as a surprise to me, that scientists have actually studied the effects of a simple kiss on your body. Yes, kissing has multiple amazing benefits! Not only will your relationship flourish but also your health will benefit a great deal!

Let us look at 10 amazing benefits:

1. More romance

It is the first intimate physical touch that expresses and solidifies your feelings. Gets you closer, helps to release those hormones and sets you into the mood for more.

The faster your heartbeat becomes, the stronger the feelings are and the more passion will go into the kiss. More hormones will be admitted into your brain!

2. Pain relieve

It becomes harder to activate pain receptors, as the hormone endorphin is being spilled into the body! This is a pain relieving hormone originating in the brain. Kissing is especially effective for people who suffer from an autoimmune disorder.

3. Lowers your stress-level

You can immediately feel the effect! The stress level will be effected from your partners kisses. The stress hormone, cortisol will decrease and everything else will become easier.

Just like with meditation, it promotes well being of the whole body.

4. Lowers blood pressure

The acceleration of your heart rate will result in a dilation of your blood vessels. As a result the blood flow to the organs becomes easier for the body.


5. You feel happier

Another hormone will be released! The hormone endorphin! It will make you happy and your body will start to feel warm and relieved.

A feeling of being above the clouds will spread!

6. Your body can fight infections

Did you know that kissing will increase your saliva production? Yes, it does and salvia is a very important part of your mouth flora.

It not only cleans your teeth, it will also fight cavities and it will fight bacteria in your mouth. It contains natural antibodies, which can kill harmful germs that might contribute to mouth infections.

7. Self Esteem increases

What does a kiss mean?

It means, that someone likes you, that he desires you. Such a strong feeling towards you, will boost your confidence!

8. Kissing increases passion

Being packed with nerve endings, your lips can make moments unforgettable. Hormonal levels of dopamine and oxytocin increase during a kiss, which will further promote pleasurable sensations.

Scientists claim that even your genitals lack the kind of sensation that your lips have. The more gesture you bring into the kiss, the greater the intimacy will be.

7 Benefits of Kissing

9. Stimulates facial muscles

A kiss of a high intensity will involve a lot of movement of the facial muscles. As a result your facial muscles will become stronger and the your your jaw line will become sharper.

10. Burn calories

Kissing can burn approximately 8-14 calories, which is quite a bonus! Although it cannot replace your workout sessions, with a kiss you can definitely burn a few calories without experiencing pain.


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