10 Proper Social Etiquettes The Modern World Needs To Embrace All Over Again!

Social etiquettes refer to the code of behavior in the presence of others. I m sure almost everyone has heard their grandparents and even parents complaining about how our generation lacks manners. While we do not agree to it but we can’t disagree that there are many aspects of social behavior that we do lack.

Social etiquette is one thing that defines the civilized society. While we are in our element we never tend to focus on our own social behavior but we never stay mum when it comes to criticizing others social behavior. Some of the social etiquettes vanished along with the traditional family customs some still do exist which we, young people tend to forget. If you want to embrace the basic social etiquettes again then do read on to understand about them:

Ditching Scheduled Meeting On Short Notice


Imagine waiting for someone for about half an hour and then getting a message that they are stuck somewhere and can’t meet you up for scheduled meeting. Your anger surely would hit the roof for being ditched, isn’t it? That’s what happens when you cancel a scheduled meeting on a short notice. People remove time from their schedule for you and not showing up is highly ungrateful and disrespectful. And no, this just doesn’t apply in a professional setting but also in casual meetings with friends. Even your friends take out their time and it’s frustrating when you ditch them.

Dressing Appropriately

Dressing according to the occasion is really important in the civilized world. You might rock the Kylie Jenner look or the punk-rock look, the civilized world really doesn’t care as long as it is as per the occasion. Always dress for the occasion. Because you really wouldn’t look properly dressed if you wore shorts in a meeting, no matter how comfortable you are in the outfit. Especially in meetings, if you wear something presentable and comfortable then you’ll be at ease all through the meeting.

RSVP Should Be Responded

Yeah, RSVP does mean that ‘Respond if you please’ but not at all replying is rude, don’t you think so? If you have received a formal invitation to the party then that means you are one of the few people that have been invited and responding to it will be courteous of you. Even though you are not going to be attending the event giving a notification of your absence is necessary.

Not answering to an invitation is not the same as declining. Ask them for more time to clear your schedule if you need to but do not let it slide. Showing up to the event without giving the host the notice of your presence is going to create problems for the host and the organizers.

Phone Etiquette

Everyone owns a phone these days and takes them everywhere; some even take it to washrooms because they are just too addicted to it. So this is really related to everyone out there. If you are getting an urgent call and you really can’t avoid it then excuse yourself and move to other place and finish the call. Whipping out your phone while you are in the mid of a conversation and taking a call is just so rude. Another annoying thing that people do is they talk so loudly while they are on public transport. It is a public transport so before talking so loudly on a phone or playing music on your phone just know that you should not disturb others.

While you are in conversation with your friend do not chat with others it is quite disrespective and ignorant on your part. It makes the other person feel that you are not interested in their company which might upset them.


You might already know this that how frustrating it is to wait for someone. It doesn’t just mean the waste of time but also a lot of stress too. When you have decided on a particular time then make it a point to show up on the agreed time and not an hour later. Professionally, this can become a bad remark for you.

Even if you are going on a date or a get together being fashionably late doesn’t apply here. Being fashionably late is meant only for parties and not for dates. Do not make your date feel as if you have stood them up. It is quite embarrassing and hurtful for them. Being punctual is about being courteous and respectful of others and your time as well.

Social Media


Needless to say, many people really do need this. Some people have next to zero social etiquettes when it comes to social media. I mean sure social media is meant for you to stay connected with your friends but that doesn’t mean you have to share each and everything on social media.

Stop sharing too much of information on the social media. So yeah you are truly-deeply-madly in love with your partner but that doesn’t mean you’ve to say your whole list of vows to him on the social media. You can say it personally about how much you love him. Sharing a photo or two and thoughts is not a bad thing. But uploading too much of personal stuff is TMI. Sharing insensitive comments or hurling objectifying comments on people on your social media profile is really not making a good impression on your part.

Public Fridge Etiquette

You might have a fridge in your office but that really doesn’t mean you’ve to raid it whenever you are hungry. Do not eat or take food which is not yours or which you haven’t paid for. If there is a label on it you should definitely not take it and even if it unlabeled asking before taking it is considered good manners. The rule of calling dibs might be okay at your friend’s house but not at the office.

Being A Good Host At Your Parties

A good host is the one who doesn’t leave their guests unattended. Even though the party is only for your close friends it still remains your duty to welcome them in your house and make them comfortable. Clean up your place when someone is coming over to your home because that makes you look good.

Same Goes When You Are Being Invited Over

Know what it is to be a host so try not to be a demanding guest. Don’t go on criticizing the food, drinks or arrangements. Understand that the host has tried his/ her best to make the arrangements. If possible take something as a gift for the party unless stated otherwise. Try to help the host in cleaning up after the dinner. We are quite sure the host will anyway deny the request.

Breakup With Someone Over A Text


Harsh! Breaking up with someone with whom you’ve been in a relationship with over a text is very insensitive and inhumane on your part. Never ever put someone through this pain. You might not be in that much of serious relationship either but doing it personally is the humane thing to do. Of course, if it is a long distance relationship then doing it on a call is your only option if you can’t meet. But don’t do it just over a text.

I know you might feel this is so uptight way to live. But in reality, this still applies in a professional world and sometimes in personal life too (for some people). Just remember that it is not all about you.



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