10 Reasons why you should have high expectations in life!

We have always heard people saying that we shouldn’t keep high expectations because if they are not met or if we do not get what we want we will be disappointed. Many people do tame their expectations. But the thing with low expectations is that we don’t push ourselves and we typically meet our potential. But aiming high gives you that rush that pushes to work harder, to go beyond your own potential and to achieve greater things.

Reasons Why You Need To Keep Aiming High

Aiming high means there is also the risk of failure and the disappointment. But can you live the life without facing disappointment? No, because disappointment is a part of life and you’ll be let down from time to time. So it is not something you have to fear. High expectations are not something you need to stray away from because it is that going to happen anyway once in a while. That is why you need to have high expectations to have a better life and better chance at good things in life. It will drive you to achieve more than what you are capable of or else you’ll end up limiting your options and limit your dreams as well.

Check out these reasons as to why you should have high expectations:

The Law Of Attraction

If you want something you’ll try your best to achieve them. It is this law of attraction which says that like attracts like. What it means is that if you think positively and have confidence in yourself then you are most probably going to achieve it. You might have sensed this that whenever you have negative thoughts you are going to attract only negative vibes from others. Same way positivity will attract happiness.

If you think you can do something then you need to aim high to achieve it and not settle for less.


If You Fail Then Try, Try Till You Get Success


You might have already heard this thought several times –Try try till you succeed. Well, seems like it is actually true. You shouldn’t give up just because you failed. High expectations are really excellent because you give yourself an allowance to try harder, encouragement to not give up until you reach where you want to be. Setting lower expectations means you can achieve them with ease and feel happy instantly but after that wears off you’ll feel that you should have set the bar higher.


Lower Expectations Are Guided By Fear

The thought of getting hurt and being disappointed induces fear in you and that is why you fear high expectations. But do you realize that you are missing out on a whole lot of things by aiming low? You can’t live a life guided by fear. Also, you can’t avoid the fact that deep down inside you always hope for getting something more than what you expect and not just meet them. You wish for the best and you know that you are just fooling yourself by keeping it low. You need to aim high because you know you can reach them.

If You Set The Bar High Then You’ll Work Even Harder

Setting the bar high means you are giving your best and making the best of the time. When you have a high bar to meet you make the maximum efforts and work the maximum to reach the level.

It also means that every day you spend with the utmost happiness because you are giving it your all. You’ll live louder, be focused and achieve much more than you aimed for this way.

No Space For Regret

When you live life after setting high expectations you won’t regret what you’ll have in future. Because at that point you’ll know that you have done everything and exceeded all the expectations you had and got something by your own hard work and not just took something which was handed to you. If you never set your expectation high then may be some time in future you might look back and regret not trying more, for limiting your dreams or something which you didn’t do. There is no happiness if you regret things you did. So expect high and leave no space for regret

Setting Low Expectations Means Building An Emotional Glass Ceiling


Whenever you set the expectation low that means you are building an emotional glass ceiling. You will try to achieve and wish what you expect to happen. If you limit your vision to a low bar that means you yourself are undermining your ability to do things. You are limiting your own outcomes.

When You Do Reach The Pinnacle, It Is The Highest Point Of Your Life

If you aim low that means you are not even sure whether things could get better, whether there is a scope for more, whether you gave your best, whether this is what you are capable of. If you do not give yourself the chance of higher expectations then you will always wonder and only these ‘ifs’ will remain with you.

If you really did reach the pinnacle then that would be the major happiness in your life because it would be the pinnacle, the amount of success you have been looking for.

Better To Try And Fail Then Never Have Tried At All

Life is full of things that you want and wish for. You’ll wish for so many things but you won’t get all of them but you’ll try to get them. Eventually, you’ll get some of them. But you’ll still wish for the things you still haven’t gotten your hands on. That is why it is important to seek for the things you want. Settling for something less will always leave regrets. But if you at least tried to get the things and didn’t succeed then it won’t pain you that much. Because you know that you tried for it even though you didn’t get it.

The Rewards For High Expectations Are Sweet And Fulfilling

Nothing is more satisfying than getting what you have wanted all through your life. The happiness and the feeling of bliss that you get by reaching your goal is worth all the hard work and patience. Having high expectations pushes you towards your goals and gives that immense satisfaction and fulfillment. After reaching your goals you’ll know that you did the right thing by expecting more from yourself.

YOLO- You Live Life Only Once

Remember this You Live Life Only Once and time is not going to go back. You have to live your life to the fullest and leave no space for regrets. You’ll know that you did the best of everything you could and were capable of.

Setting the bar of expectations high means you’ll have a difficult path to wade through. You will have to be much stronger but know that once you reach the pinnacle there will be no holding back, no end to your happiness.


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