10 Things Men Do In A Relationship That Makes Women Insecure

10 Things Men Do In A Relationship That Makes Women Insecure

Women seem too complicated to men. Even if men do what they want, women still are unsatisfied, why is it so? Actually, women are pretty simple, you just need to understand what they need. They are not always upfront about the things like men are. Women have various expectations from men and most of them are small things. These small things make it hard to maintain a relationship for men because they often have little to no idea about these things. You may do some things unintentionally that might upset her and sometimes you may not do few things which also might make her upset.

Be it, men or women, insecurities do occur for everyone. Sometimes you try to do the right things and instead end up doing the exact opposite. Well, there is no book that states exact reasons why anyone may feel insecure but we have put together some reasons as to why a woman might feel insecure in a relationship. So if you think you are doing the right thing and yet your lady love doesn’t seem to agree with you then go through these things and these might be helpful for you to understand exactly where you are wrong.

When Your Eyes Wander

10 Things Men Do In A Relationship That Makes Women Insecure

This can be interpreted in two ways. One is when you do not make an eye contact with her when she is talking to you. Eye contact can build intimacy. So when you maintain eye contact with her while she’s talking it will make her feel respected and interesting. When you do not have an eye contact she’ll stop sharing things with you because obviously, you are not interested.

Another way this can be interpreted is the way your eyes wander to other women when she is right beside you. You might think that she doesn’t notice but women notice almost everything. So when you think you’re being discrete while checking out other women, your lady love knows it and she feels insecure about it.

When You Don’t Introduce Her To Your Friends

Maybe it doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, but it really is for her. When you are on your date and suddenly your friend enters the restaurant. You go over to talk with your friend and you seem to forget all about your girlfriend. When you go back to the table you might find that she is pissed. Of course, she will be. You made her feel unimportant and left out. It might create insecure feelings in her, questioning herself whether she was not important enough to be introduced to your friend.

When You Talk With Your Ex

10 Things Men Do In A Relationship That Makes Women Insecure

You might say, ‘what now I can’t be friends with my ex either?’ Well, you can be but you have to limit it. Your ex might know you much better and might be a really good friend but you can’t forget that she also has a history with you, sexually too. So it is obvious for a girlfriend to be insecure. How can she beat your ex, the one who came way before she entered your life and has been with you since then? If you still think that it really shouldn’t affect your partner that much, then try picturing it the other way around. Will you not feel jealous if your partner is still very much friends with her ex?

When You Talk Endlessly About A Girl

It is not bad to admire someone other than your girlfriend, mother and sister. But you can’t keep on talking about them to your partner and expect her to not get jealous or suspicious. When you keep on talking about another girl in front of your partner it indicates that your attention is far away from your girlfriend. Anyone would feel insecure in such a situation. You might not have any feelings for the girl and you might genuinely love your partner but you can’t just leave it to that. You have to prove it to her that there’s nothing more to you and the other girl. Talk a little less about other girl and introduce her to your partner.

When You Neglect Her During Parties

When you are bringing her to a party filled with your friends make sure give her your attention. No, we ain’t saying you have to be attached to the hip with her but don’t make her feel left out. Introduce her to some friends and spend some of your time with her. Even if she has the friendliest personality, she’ll feel insecure about it if you don’t check up on her or spend time with her. Such a thing will make her wonder whether this is what going to happen when she hangs out with your friends and family every time.

When You Talk About Your Ex

Your ex might have been pretty damn amazing but why rave about her in front of your present girlfriend? You talking about your girlfriend will make her feel insecure and uncomfortable. Minimize talking about your ex in front of your current girlfriend as much as possible. If she is the one who wants to know then it is well and good and even you yourself bring your ex up then ensure your girlfriend knows that you are over your ex.

When You Take Forever To Reply

We are not talking about being online all the time and replying to her messages instantly because that is a different thing. Do value her for checking up on you from time to time. Message her once in a while when you are on a break because it will assure her that you are thinking of her just like she is. Whenever you are out with guys or generally out of town after midnight make sure to reply to her text about your whereabouts because she is probably worried. If you do not do even this then it is obvious she is going to feel insecure.

When You Hang Out With Your Female Best Friend

10 Things Men Do In A Relationship That Makes Women Insecure

No matter how cool your girlfriend is about you hanging out with your best friend she ‘ll always be insecure and jealous of your girlfriend. It is pretty obvious as to why she feels that way. You are hanging out with another girl. The insecure feelings are going to go on increasing if you never bother to tag around your girlfriend with your best friend. No, she doesn’t expect you to take her all the times but just a few times is enough.

When You Keep Her A Secret

No one wants to be a secret. It might be something you both agreed on at the beginning but you have to allow changes gradually. You have to introduce her to your friends and family. It would certainly be okay for few months but more than that means you are not sure about her and that is why you are not yet ready to introduce her to the family. You do not have to speak it out loud but a single picture of you two together on any social media profile will do the work.

When You Keep Secrets From Her

10 Things Men Do In A Relationship That Makes Women Insecure

Being honest and true to your partner is essential in a relationship. Truth and secrets have their own way of coming out, believe it or not. So it is better you share things with your partner, that way you do not have to worry. If you fear that she’ll judge you then make it clear with her. If you make this a habit of keeping secrets then you must know that you are making her feel insecure and putting your relationship at stake.

Do not hate your partner if she is insecure because it is just human nature and you have a huge part in making her feel so. If you are doing these things then she is definitely going to feel insecure and inadequate.


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