10 Things A Woman Notices In A Guy Straight Aways

First 10 Things a Woman Notices

at First Sight

You can never doubt a woman’s observational skills. You might miss out on tiniest details but she never will. Most probably that is why you need to know that, ‘First impression is the best impression’ It is true that most of the first impressions are based on physical appearances. Most times you won’t make the cut, if your appearance doesn’t fit!

You know what’s more incredible about a woman’s observational skills? Most of the times they are on point with the conclusions they draw. Right from the dirt on your shoes to the gel in your hair, they notice everything within a few seconds after you enter the room. Looks can be deceptive, true, but sometimes they can tell a lot more about a person. Here are a few things that a woman definitely notices about a man for the first time. Maybe this can help you to be more mindful the next time around.

1.Your Hair

Just like guys love a woman’s mane and can’t just stop himself from grabbing it, even a woman loves hairs. Your hair is one of the first things a woman notices in you. It may be because it’s your best feature or it may be because you style it differently. Believe me, women are obsessed with hair and when it is well groomed and styled, she’s surely going to be impressed with you. It might also be because you have the best hair or it might be because of the lack of it but not in a negative way, of course. It varies from woman to woman.

2. Your Personality

This is one of the most important things a woman notices in a man. It can also be said that the impression that is drawn from your personality on the first sight probably stays with her for the amount of time she is with you in future. She notices everything- the way you talk, the way you carry yourself. Attitude also matters because sometimes woman prefers attitude and personality over looks.

3. Your Dressing Sense

As it is always said, if you dress well, it makes you very confident and enhances your personality too. Extremely loose or extremely tight clothes won’t look good. A woman is extremely impressed if a man has a good dressing sense and it is counted as a plus point in her books. And as mentioned earlier tiniest details matter like whether the color of your shirt or t-shirt matches your clothing, whether your clothes are ironed or not etc. A woman notices all of it when she looks at you. You must go for some basic colors like black, it suits everyone or you can even go for hues like light blue, green or brick red etc.

The fitting of your pants also kind of matters. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it is what it is. Pair o baggy jeans give off a laidback attitude while a well, fitted denim might give a modest kind of vibe. These are all acknowledged when it comes to dressing.

4. Your Vibe

Your vibe attracts your tribe. Whenever you step into a room you seem to carry an energy with you. It might be either positive energy or negative energy. If you carry around a vibe that attracts everyone and everyone seems to be staring at you then it is good. But if you carry around negative energy than most of the people will avoid you like anything. Sometimes you do not have to speak anything because your personality says it out loud to everyone. Everyone has a vibe and women seem to catch it on easily.


5. Your Posture

Your posture speaks a lot about you. It is pretty unattractive if you are tall and you slouch. Whether you are tall or average height and whether you hunch or not everything is noticed. So do not hunch while walking because posture has its own appeal for a woman.

6. Your Eyes

Girls go gaga over the eyes. For some woman, eyes are the first thing they fall for in men. Eyes speak a lot about you, more than you think. They have the capacity to lure in anyone. They give away most information about you without you knowing it. They show whether you are shy, intense, jovial, confident or even overconfident about everything. Body language helps but eyes play the very much same part in revealing things. The guys who have light-colored eyes tend to get a lot of attention from women but guys with dark brown shade lure women in because they are just so alluring. Well, it is not just about the color of eyes though.

7. Your Manners

This is what it all comes to actually because there is no substitute for good manners when it comes to making a lasting impression. Sure, women do not always expect special treatment from you but being a gentleman will sure help you in getting cookie points. Being on time, being a welcoming person etc will make win them over sometimes. Simple manners and words like ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ should also be kept in the mind.


8. Your Smile

No, we are not saying that men who are serious and reserve kind are never noticed by a woman. But what we are saying is that men who smile can get more than just being noticed. When you approach someone with a smile it makes it easy for people to make a conversation with you. Women love men who smile gently and they also love men who can make them laugh. Along with smile comes two other factors that are your teeth and mouth odor. You have to focus on that too.

9. Your Response Pattern

You can also call it as conversational skills. Woman observe how a man talks or how he greets someone or how he responds back to someone. Whether you are aloof or flustered or defensive while making a conversation, everything is noticed. It is important to make an eye contact while you talk because that shows you are interested while cracking your knuckles shows that you are disinterested. The hand gestures you make while talking or how you respond in an awkward situation, all of it is noticed.

10. Body language

It never goes unnoticed if you are nervous because body language easily gives it away. Eyes may be the windows to the soul but body language is the mirror. The way you walk, the way you stand, the way you fold your sleeves etc are all noticed. Women have a thing for half folded sleeves. It just seems so sexy. A relaxed and upright appearance can make your appeal last longer.

Seems a lot to take in? But it’s not; these are just small things that a woman notices when she is gauging your personality or trying to know the kind of person you are. Of course, a person has more than what it appears on the surface but Physical appearances are always the first thing that everyone notices about others.


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