11 Signs she is Toying with you!

There is nothing more exciting than chasing a girl! But it is always hard to tell if she is toying with you. A fact you don’t want to be true and because of that it is always hard to see the signs for it.

Everybody knows the feeling when you are falling for someone. In those moments the only thing you want to do, is to be around her. With every fiber of your being you strive to spend time with her no matter what. And everything she does will tell you that she is also into you…but is that so?

Exactly these emotions make you blind to her behavior. A behavior you would instantly spot if it was your best mate in this situation. If she has feelings for you as well, everything will fall into its place. But if not, what will happen?

Will you be her Toy Boy?

It is important to know and see the signs if she is just toying with you. If she is not into you, but doesn’t know how to say it, she will try to send you messages through her behavior. In order to understand and see them we will now reveal them to you:

Let us look at 11 signs that will tell you she is toying with you:

The countdown begins…

Why is she sending me one word text messages? (11)

She barely write to you and if she writes the text messages consist of just one word or a short sentence. It is a very disappointing situation, as you most likely wait the entire time for a response from her.

When it finally arrives it is short and have of the stuff you mentioned in your message she doesn’t respond to. Don’t find any excuses for her acting!

She is simple not into you.

Why will she will not introduce you to her friends? (10)

I dare to say that many of you have already experienced the following situation. You have been seeing each other for a couple of weeks now. You have gone out for drinks, the movies and some longer walks.
But when she meets her friends on a regular basis for drinks, she has never invited you to tack along for a night out. Rather she asks you to come by afterwards and makes lame excuses why it is not fitting for you to join the party.
If this happens once or maybe in the first week, where everything is very wake and unknown you shouldn’t make a fuss about it. But if this happening on a regular base and you get the feeling that she doesn’t want you to meet her friends, you should reconsider.
It is very likely that she is not into you or just waiting for someone better to come along.

What does it mean if she constantly makes fun of you? (9)

If she teases you, it is a very good sign that she into you. For example she teases you, because you are a bit clumsy every now and than. If she truly likes you, she will take it with humor and will tell you that you are cute.
But teasing someone in private is totally different from making fun of someone. By making fun of someone you are discrediting the person and to some extend even bullying him.
A behavior which has no place in a relationship, especially not if you think someone likes you. So if she tries to deny your relationship in front of others and make fun of you for thinking you are in one, you should begin to wonder if she is toying with you.
If she truly has feelings for you, her jokes should not be made on your cost.

What does it mean if she talks to other men? (8)

Let us imagine the two of you went to a party. Yet the moment you arrived she moved away from you and acted as if she came alone.
For the rest of the party she barely talks to you, while enjoying the company of other men. Talking to them and flirting with them. Maybe you think she does this to tease you, to make work for it.
But if the party is coming to an end and you want to leave with her, but she wouldn’t mind staying behind to keep chatting to some random bloke. You should have the balls to leave without her.
Don’t wait around for her, because she is not into you, but on the search for something else!

What does it mean if she always brings a friend along? (7)

Well it is the opposite of sign number 10. Now it is nearly impossible for you have her to yourself. Especially at the beginning it is important to get to know her a little bit more. But that is only possible if you are alone
So you want to have a nice evening with your girl at the movies, but she invites her friends to tack along. All of a sudden the night is not about the relationship but about everything else.
If this keeps repeating, you need to be truthful with yourself. She doesn’t have the same feelings for you as you have for her.

Why would she ignore your invitations? (6)

You have made the perfect plan for a little get a way trip. But she rejects your invitation with some lame excuse.
A devastating blow! You need to face reality and don’t fall into the habit of finding excuses for her not wanting to come along. Listen to your friends who will all tell you: She is toying with you!

Is it good if she only talks about other men? (5)

If she constantly talks about other men and how perfect and charming they are, you should start to take a step back and analyze the entire relationship with her.
Step back and think about. Try to put yourself in her position: why would you talk about other woman in front of her?
Maybe to tease her, this would be on one or two occasions but not constantly. It is more likely to be sign off no interest. A signal she is sending you to move on. Or maybe she only sees a good friend in you.

Why won’t she call back? (4)

The three days rule to call back is well known and everybody has tried it. If she truly likes you, why would she wait this long. Of course you can find numerous excuses for her behavior.
Maybe she had a difficult work day or something happened with her family. Well maybe, maybe…
Or she has no interest in you. And only wants to communicate with you when it is fitting for her and her needs only. More toying is not really possible. Be a man an get out of there.

Why would she hock me up with her best friend? (3)

At the beginning you want to test the other person, to see how they respond  and to get some inside on their character. For example are they truthful, honest and descent as a human being.
So you throw in a test or two. But you always hope for the best response possible. Now if your crush is really into you, she would leave it at a test. Because she wouldn’t want to share you with anybody in the world.
But if the conversation always pops up, that her best friend would be perfect for you. Even going further, she might actually introduce you to her. Well than everything was a dream. In this case she is not really toying with you, but should except the turn down.

Why would she keep her distance? (2)

Imagine you had a wonderful evening: you cooked together, watched a romantic movie and snuggled up in bed.
But before it gets to serious she asks you to leave, because she has to get up for work early. If this happens a lot of times you should address the issue, because it is not normal.
For a relationship to grow you need exactly these moments. When you wake up you want to see the other person lying next to you. All these small moments are important to let the intimacy grow.
Is she rejects all of it you are simple her toy boy for a little fun on the side.

What are the signs for no affection? (1)

Sign number (2) is a perfect example of no affection.
But there can be even more fundamental sign for no affection. For example if you can’t turn her on or if she never starts the kissing action, you should reconsider everything.
A one way street is never a good starting ground and a clear sign that she is not into you.


Be truthful to yourself und listen to your instincts!



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