11 Things to avoid while flirting with someone you like!

11 Things to avoid while flirting with someone you like!

Even if you have looks of a greek god your verbal skills can take you downhill with the girl you like. It’s the 21st century and a six pack won’t guarantee that every girl you look at will drool over you. Yes, I am talking about your flirting skills. This generation has almost forgotten how to flirt properly. They almost always fumble and make mistakes even if they have cleared the dreaded ice breaking with the cute girl at the book shop. So how do you do it? Well, I am here to tell you the things you should avoid when it comes to flirting.

Touching them inappropriately

You are there talking to him/her and the evening is going the way you would have wished but then you decide to get all handsy. This is a real alarming thing to do to someone who hardly knows you. It not only can ruin your chances with them but also can lead you into serious trouble. So while flirting keep your hands to yourself and only permissible touches. This way you will attract them more.

Getting aggressively close to them

They are laughing with you and having some drink when you decide to get really close to them. So close, that they can feel your body warmth. That’s not flirting and it intimidates the person. They may just choose to walk away when you do this (I would). Physical closeness is quite a risky move when you just start flirting with someone. So keep a safe distance and make them feel comfortable.

Trying to be super sexy

Nobody likes a showoff or a liar. When you try to be someone you are not; you are both. You don’t need to be out of the world sexy to talk to him/her. Then why would you pretend to have a more manly voice or a sexier figure? Be yourself don’t ruin it by trying to be sexy. They are not looking for only that. Your honesty will make you sexier.

Trying to make them jealous

11 Things to avoid while flirting with someone you like!
Too many movies have given you the idea that flirting with their friend is the best way in. Well, welcome to real life where things don’t go the way in reel life. You have to stop taking flirting tips from movies and be original. If you flirt with their friend chances are your chances will completely be eliminated because they think you aren’t interested in them. If you flirt with multiple people than your image can come out wrong. So stick to the one you like.

Insulting them

Again a movie idea to get her to drool for you. The guy insults the girl but later she falls for the same guy. Don’t forget you are in the real world and you won’t get retakes. If you insult her that would put you in her wrong books straight away. You have to be a gentleman while flirting and avoid any derogatory comments on her/him.

Laughing too much on their jokes

Have you heard the term ‘trying too hard’? Well, it was invented for things like these. Yes, we know that you want to impress her; but laughing hysterically at every single joke if hers won’t do that. She likes a man of taste and choice. You laughing about everything makes you a people pleaser in her eyes. That means bye-bye tonight for you. So keep it real. Laugh at the jokes you like.

Pretending to be interested

Please understand that girls know the fact that everyone cannot be interested in everything they speak. And as discussed before nobody likes liars. So why would you pretend to be interested in everything she is interested in? You won’t be able to cope up with that for long. So better to be honest and show interests in things you actually are interested in.

Stalking their social media

You have just started to flirt and the most important ingredient is avoiding it to be obvious. What message does liking all her pictures and statuses send? That you may be a psychopath stalker and she should block you. It’s okay to like and comment on a few but don’t overdo it. It will only kill your chances with her.

Staring at them

11 Things to avoid while flirting with someone you like!
Yes, I agree you find them beautiful and don’t want to take your eyes off them. But there is a huge difference between glancing at someone boring a hole in their face with your stares. Be gentle and subtle when it comes to looking at her. This way she won’t be intimidated by your glances and you may get a smile out of her. So don’t stare.

Texting hearts and kissy emojis all the time

As talked about earlier we don’t want the show our obvious interest while flirting. So, when you add those emojis with every text you send her, you are making it obvious that you like her. If you haven’t known each other long that could be really creepy. So keep your emojis to a minimum.

Using a pickup line

For the last time pick up lines are never gonna get you anywhere. It’s just gonna make her move as far away from you as possible at the party. It’s again a movie trend that you can’t pull off in real life. It’s lame and you should ditch any if you have. The best way is being yourself and talk. Respect her and you would get that back. No use to treat her wrong because that’s not taking you anywhere.
Well, I can’t make you an expert at flirting but I hope these tips helps you do better the next time you approach a girl you find attractive.


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