12 Things a 50-year-old woman secretly wants in bed


Do you want to know the secret fantasies a 50-year-old woman has? What’s running in her mind when she thinks of sex? Read along to find out how sex with an older woman is different and what you can do to satisfy a 50-year-old woman in bed.

Are 50-year-old women interested in sex?

Women of any age will enjoy good sex. Often the age bracket of the 50s comes with a renewed vigour for sex and sensuality. At this age, women shed their inhibitions and come to accept life in a different way. With the sense of old age catching up, there is finally nothing to lose. The wounds of past emotional and sexual experiences have taken a backseat by this time. A sense of reflection triggers new interests and sex is one of the most fascinating part of it.

When people are young, there is a desperate need to be perfect and seek validation everywhere. At the age of 50, sexual rediscovery and experimentation is a whole new experience altogether because of a far greater acceptance of one’s own raw self.  

What kind of men do 50-year-old women prefer?

A woman aged 50 will always look for men who are stable. A great aura and confidence are good assets to have. However, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t buy your flamboyant demeanor. She has come across all kinds of men by this age and will only look for peace at the end of the day. A kind and a composed man who is ready to lend a patient ear to her experiences will have a far greater chance to win over her. Older women more often than not, prefer young men. There is irresistible charm and youthfulness in their behavior which can bring back the lost vigor in their sex lives.

How to sexually arouse a 50-year-old woman?

To sexually arouse a woman of 50 years, you need to get a grasp over her mind. So, what are those things that she secretly desires to do with her male partner? What is it that she is looking for to have great sex? Here are the 12 things a 50-year-old woman wants to experience in bed:

  1. She wants to get dirty: Kinkiness has no age. She wants to dominate and get dominated. If she has had vanilla sex all throughout her life, be prepared for her to ask for more.
  1. She wants to get rough: BDSM? Many women prefer rough sex. Pain is a form of pleasure. The intensity might vary depending on the comfort.
  1. Explore with sex toys: Sex toys are amazing if used the right way. Sometimes, she would like to ride solo. Sex toys are exciting because they give so much control and the right kind of pressure to achieve orgasms.
  1. Watch her masturbate: Watching a man see oneself masturbate is a big turn on. She wants you to see how she touches herself. This is also to give you a better idea about the parts of her body she adores and how you should work your hands on her if you want to give her the best time of her life in bed.
  1. She wants you to eat her up: Far too many men refrain from cunnilingus. Sex is not just about a man jerking off but also women having a satisfying orgasm. Women often complain about not being able to reach ‘there’. Oral sex lets you hit the bull’s eye faster. Also, seeing you devouring every bit of herself is not just pleasing but also make her feel extremely desired and sexy.
  1. Watch porn together: Watching porn together can be really arousing. It will be difficult for either of you to keep your hands off each other. She wants you to try and enact the scenes and if done well, you will blow her mind.
  1. Read erotica: She wants to indulge in sexual literature. This is something that you can expect from a 50-year-old woman who knows the charm of slow pleasure. Reading to each other something passionate can give you a mental picture of what she is expecting on a certain day. As mentioned, woo her mind with the right words, she will cum harder.
  1. A threesome: It is fun to have sex with more number of partners. Secretly, a lot of women crave for it though they might not explicitly mention. As there is a wider interest to explore sensuality, don’t be surprised if she wishes to have a young female pleasuring her while you dominate over them.
  1. A one night stand: Having sex with a stranger can be a fascinating experience. She barely knows anything about the man and learning things about pleasuring each other is exciting. After all, we always crave for things we have no knowledge of. The kick is far stronger because there is so much more to discover!
  1. Using props in sex: Pillows, hand shower, whipped cream, ice, liquor and a variety of things that suits her liking. Sex can be kinkier when you use props to level up monotonous sex positions. A woman aged 50 will be more than willing to try these out!
  1. Romantic sex: While getting rough sex might be a long desired fantasy of a 50-year-old woman, there is nothing more beautiful like romantic sex where you tell her how much you adore her and show it in gentle ways. A romantic location with the most subtle, warm ambiance is a go-to for every woman, whatever be her age. Sounds vanilla? Nothing outruns it at the end of the day!
  1. Sex beyond the bedroom: Being caught in the act is a secret fantasy. In the shower, kitchen, balcony, on the stairs, couch, elevator, park and the list goes on. Sex in unusual places is a lot hotter.

How to satisfy a 50-year-old woman? My last tips!


FYI, porn is misleading. It is extremely disrespectful to women. Unless she really wants to do things that are normalised in porn, stop asking her to be a porn star for you. She isn’t.

Unlike a young woman who is barely aware of her sexuality, a 50-year-old woman is well informed and knows what she wants. Of course, it is also true for a 40 or 45-year-old woman and for a few younger women as well. To some, great sex is a misnomer, something they have stopped believing in. To satisfy her physically, the first important step is to seduce her mind. Make her comfortable in the space that you share together. Have patience. Good sex is all about exploring each other’s likes and dislikes and doing things that have the consent of both parties.

If she takes too long to orgasm, assure her that it is fine with you. You can wait and take things slow.

Use lubricants because dryness around her vagina will be common. If you go head-on into penetrating, she might experience discomfort and redness which will surely make the whole experience painful.

Be ready to experiment with her fantasies. She will be hornier to try out things with you if you share the same adventurous streak with her.

Last longer: Let her teach you a skill or two to control yourself. Let her distract you with her sweet nothings so that you can go on all night long! You can try doing it more than once so that she has ample time to reach the big ‘O’.

Hope this list helps answer your queries! Did you face any issues in your sexual experience with an older woman? Let us know in the comments below!



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