16 Traits Of Shallow People That Show They Lack Depth!

16 Traits Of Shallow People That Show They Lack Depth!

What exactly does shallow mean? It means something that lacks depth and is superficial. Shallow people are those who care only about them and it doesn’t matter what anyone else is going through. They won’t feel any remorse for putting you through tough times. It just doesn’t come under their scrutiny. They just don’t get it.

A shallow and superficial person is so wrapped up in their own life and drama. They literally have no space for anyone else. Relationship with such people would just make you crave love because they won’t be able to cater to all your emotional needs. They are just partial that way. There is an absence of feelings and empathy for them in general. Here are a few traits that define a shallow person in detail and help you understand shallow people.

Irrational Need For All The Attention

A shallow person needs all the attention he/ she can get. They want admiration for themselves in the eyes of other. If they are not getting needed attention then they’ll do everything that it takes to get eyes on them. Regardless of what atmosphere they are in they’ll create drama, rumors or even overreacting over small things for your undivided attention. If you know such person then now you know what kind they actually are.

Goes Where The Wind Blows

A superficial person gloats on himself and needs attention from everyone. That’s the reason why they will sway their opinion and conviction towards whatever is more beneficial to them. They can never be bothered about any ‘cause’.  If you give them something that can enhance their own happiness they’ll happily eradicate their opinion.

They Are Never On Anyone’s Emergency Contact List

Their convenience matters more to them. Their work comes before anything else. That’s how they function. A superficial person is never going to be a lifesaver ever because they won’t accommodate even emergencies among their routine because who wants drama in life or in this case, emergencies.

Looks Are More Important

A shallow person focuses more on what they look rather than what they are from the heart. For them, impressions are made only through appearances. Goodness is only good as long as they are getting something out of it. Otherwise, why bother?

They Are A Conversational Narcissist

16 Traits Of Shallow People That Show They Lack Depth!

A superficial person can chat it up all well but when it is your turn they tune out of the conversation. For them, a conversation is interesting as long as it involves them, but as soon as conversation flows on to other topics you might no longer hold their attention.

They Are Sizing You Up With A Smile On Their Face

Yes, they can easily be a devil in the angel’s disguise. The emotions that they display on their face might not actually be what they think about you. While they are praising you and smiling at you upfront, they might actually be sizing you up to the standards and might be judging you on the inside.

Nothing Can Ever Be Their Fault

A superficial person knows what is right for him/ her and is always right. If a person is hurt by them or felt what they said was wrong then the shallow person will probably say that the person is too sensitive and does not just accept the truth. You have to always remember that whatever you do is going to always effect someone else in your life.

Gossip Goes As Deep As They Can Dig

If anything can broaden their attention span in a conversation than that would be gossip because they like to dig into it and look others up and down. They are not genuinely worried about the person when they start the convo with ‘I worry what …..’ No, they do not really care. It’s the attention that they get with the gossip while laying it in front of others.

‘Sorry I Can’t’ Dominates Their Responses Anything That Doesn’t Benefit Them

We are not saying that people with depth are going to say ‘yes’ to everything you ask for. But it’s just that they would try to do anything that is possible for them if they care about you. But shallow people won’t think once about you but run through their schedule first. Their needs come first regardless of whether you are approaching for emergency or in times of need.

If It Isn’t The Brand Then You’ll Not See Them Wearing It

16 Traits Of Shallow People That Show They Lack Depth!

Not necessarily everyone is the same, but it is one of the traits that can be seen in shallow people. They look down on the people who are not wearing the labels. They take pride in what they wear and catch the attention of people wherever they go.  They’ll grab your attention anyhow they can. Looks matter the most to them and they’ll do their best to be on top of everyone.

They Wouldn’t Think Twice Before Telling You What To Do

They would never hesitate in giving you advice or pointing out your shortcoming on your face. Well, of course, they are smart and they can figure out things better than you! They have answers for everything- ‘You know what you should do..’ or ‘ Why don’t you just…’

Everything They Do Has A Purpose

You better mark it down when they do something for you because if they are doing anything without you asking them for it then they are definitely up to something. Even if they are not, they’ll still assume you owe them something because they did something for you. Duh!

Who They Go A Date On Is Purely Based On The Person’s Status

Status is absolutely important for them. That’s why their date will be someone who can up their social status and not someone they like or are attracted to. They are all yours if you have money, social status and looks. Above that, if you treat them significantly then they’ll be attached to your hip.

‘Thank You’ Doesn’t Exist In Their Vocabulary

Most of the times when you are dealing with a shallow person you should keep it in your mind that you are not going to be appreciated. You are doing something for them then they deserve it and they do not need to thank you for it. That is how their thought process goes and you are never going to hear them saying ‘thank you’.


Has You In The Friend’s List Just Because Of What You Can Do For Them

Inequity flows continually when it comes to them. If they are friends with you then you definitely have something to contribute to their life.

Phone’s Capacity Is Full Of Selfies

They are obsessed with themselves and their phone will be full of their own photos. They find it hard to choose among their photos because all of them are awesome according to them.

Basically, a shallow person is superficial. Everything about them is on the surface. You’ll never be a priority in their life and that speaks volumes.



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