28 Tips to text your ex girlfriend to get her back

get ex girlfriend back


Lost the woman of your life for a silly mistake or maybe something grave and want her back again? Text messages can be very powerful if used with utmost care and caution. So, what kind of texts should you send your ex? What are the things you should be wary of while going down the lost lane again? Here are 28 tips that will help you understand how to use text messages best to get your ex girlfriend back.

For the most obvious reasons, your ex may not entertain a call. Emails, some people barely check. Text messages can be quick and short. If you use Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger you will also be able to track if your messages have been checked by her. In most cases, you can expect at least a hello from her end.

  1. Have some conversation starters ready: Refer to the list of sample text messages below to help you start a conversation with your ex again.
  2. Don’t act too needy or desperate: Own your space even when you apologise. Begging with desperate texts might force your ex-girlfriend to block you right away.
  3. Leave enough room for her to talk about: Make sure your text leaves room for her to respond. While being mindful of her privacy, ask her about her life or something that you know piques her interest so that she can carry forward the conversation.
  4. Don’t bring up what went wrong: It is perhaps best if you avoid talking about the past in details. No point getting the skeletons out of the closet again.
  5. Don’t blackmail or threaten: If you pose her with blackmailing and threatening messages or ultimatums, she will never return. This will only prove how controlling you are still.
  6. Wish her the best in life: Always wish the best when you text. Let her know that you have her best interest in mind forever.
  7. Be mindful of the time when you text: If you have been together in the past for a long time, you are surely aware of her schedules and moods. Text her in the afternoon or evening when she is done with work for the day.
  8. Make sure you really want her back. You should get on deep conversations with her or even plan on meeting her if you are ready to get her back in your life again. If she was looking for something real, she won’t really have time to kill with you again if you expect a causal relationship even now.
  9. You cannot go back to your old ways: If your texts remind her of how mistrusting you are or how much you want things your way, she will never be responsive.
  10. Be prepared for serious conversations: If she responds and you avoid facing the truth, she will brand you an escapist. This will also prove your inability to deal with things that don’t go your way. When she talks, let her. She might be just wanting to vent out what she couldn’t previously.
  11. Speak in detail: Get your hands dirty and dig deeper if you wish to change and assure her that the next time, things shall not repeat in the same old fashion. Addressing the elephant in the room first will ease out the conversation later.
  12. Don’t make excuses again: Be honest about your mistakes. Bluffing her this time will not work.
  13. Avoid the blame: If you blame her, she will have her defenses ready to attack you and this will be never-ending.
  14. Don’t intrude into her space: Don’t ask her questions that make her feel you do not respect her privacy. You may have been together, but now it is different.
  15. Avoid calling without permission: You may be tempted to call her. But ask for permission before calling and respect her time. Let her decide when she would like to speak with you.
  16. Apologise genuinely: Be sure what you apologise for and stand your ground if you don’t think you were mistaken.
  17. Drop hints at where all you have improved: Let her know what you have been working on and how you could have been handling this differently.
  18. Be honest about the expectations: Even if she doesn’t wish to get back to you, you should let her know your deepest feelings and that you don’t have expectations.
  19. No shame in telling how you feel: Absolute honesty is gold. If you miss her, tell her. If you love her, tell her. Just not too many times!
  20. Get vulnerable: To create a bond, you need to communicate your weaknesses and look beyond your ego.
  21. Listen to her: Don’t cut her in between to prove your points. Appreciate what she says by being attentive.
  22. Ask for time: Take time to build the connection again. Rushing here won’t be of any help. Tell her and show you are patient.
  23. Build trust: Keep the conversations light and slowly let the trust develop with time. It’s been ruined once, it will take more effort this time.
  24. Keep her guessing: Don’t tell her all about your life right away. Build a little suspense so that she texts you back and continues the conversation.
  25. Appreciate the good times: Focus on the good times and how it changed your life. Tell her how special she made you feel. That you value everything she did for you.
  26. Leave her alone: If she asks you not to bother her, you should leave her alone.
  27. Don’t ask personal questions: You are no longer integral to her life. She may not feel obliged to answer all your questions, So her comfort should be your priority, more so at this stage.
  28. Offer to meet: Anything real can only happen when you meet. Ask if she can spare some time to meet you and work on the way forward.

10 Sample Text messages you can send your ex-girlfriend

get ex back text

  1. “How are you holding up? I hope you are doing well. I deeply regret whatever happened. If you would like to get on a call or meet, I will be there. Have a great day!”
  2. “Hey! I dug up the first letter you wrote to me yesterday. It really brought back the best memories that I have always cherished with you. I hope you are doing great.”
  3. “I still remember how much you motivated me to take up football again. Just letting you know, I did get back to it last month. I value whatever you did for me. Thanks!”
  4. “I happened to walk down the lane where we first met. I won’t lie, I did miss you.”
  5. “Do you mind helping me out with something? I know you have amazing knowledge about ….. My cousin is interested in pursuing this as well. How does he go about it?”
  6. “I still remember how excited you were last year about this trip we had planned to …..I wish I had taken that. I know I am late now. But I would like to apologise for whatever happened.”
  7. “I just want to wish you the best of everything in the world. If you ever need me, I’ll be there for you.”
  8. “Hi! I know I could have handled the situation better. But my part was misunderstood or I couldn’t communicate well. I cannot live with the regret that I couldn’t explain myself to you well. Could we get on a call sometime soon?”
  9. “I thought too hard about our situation and how bad I was at living up to your expectations. TBH, given another chance, I wouldn’t fail you.”
  10. “Please forgive me for hurting you. I am working on myself. You will not be disappointed this time. Could I have another chance at working this out?

Have patience. The trust and bond will take time to get back. Did these texts work for you? Do let us know!


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