3 Awesome Tips on How to Kiss a Stranger?

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The first kiss with a stranger is always exciting.

Let us draw a picture:

You are celebrating with your friends in a night club. Somewhere across the dance floor you spot some beautiful stranger. The chemistry is there and you start to come closer on the dance floor. Right before you kiss the stranger for the first time, you experience this adrenaline rush.

It makes you nervous, as you don’t know what the other person likes and how she might react…

Don’t forget: Your are not alone, the other person also kisses a stranger!

Let us look at what happens when you kiss a stranger: 

What do you think of the challenge? Could you do it?

Here are 3 Awesome Tips on How to Kiss a Stranger

1. Break the Ice by being funny. You need to build up the chemistry between the two of you. Try to keep the conversation relaxed and give her the feeling of pressure. As you should not convey the desire to discuss straight away.

Don’t forget, the two of you just met.

2. Bring her into the conversation, by taking interest in what she does. It is important that she feels desired and wanted on an intellectual level.

Once you have started to move away from the dance floor you can guide her to the bar, by gently touching her arm you can bring the physical aspect to it. This will further break the ice.

3. Once the conversation is in a flow, start to make some compliments and make her feel the centre of attention. By now, enough chemistry should have build up to go for it. Both of you should feel know the adrenaline in the veins.

Break the Ice – Show Interest – Go for the Kiss!


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