3 Steps on How to Give a Woman an Orgasm!

It is believed to be impossible to master the female orgasm. As there is not one right way to go about it. To put it simple: the female body is a mystery box for us men.

But that should be no reason to neglect the pleasuring of a woman. It is so important to attend the needs of your sexual partner. Not only to increase the fun during sex but also to  acknowledge the needs of your partner.

It should be known that it is harder for women to reach their climax during sex than it is for men. But you should not get frustrated by this fact, but rather embrace it and feel challenged by it. Once you give her an orgasm the sexual reward will be much greater.

For her the intimacy towards you will grow and you will feel good, as you made her feel as an equal. But how can you achieve this? What do you have to do to give her an orgasm? Are there certain steps you can follow to increase your success rate?

Let us show you some simple steps to giving your girlfriend an orgasm!


What do you need to know about the female orgasm?

In order to understand it more we will begin by looking at some scientific data!

We will look at studies done by the Lafayette College and the the Kinsey Institute at the Univserity of Indiana to see what really matters when satisfying a woman.

The results of the research can help us men to be more sensitive about our partners needs. Not only will they tell us that only a few men take care of their partners need but they also show us what we can improve upon.

Let us dive into it…

For women, sex is not always easy, most of the time the men are in the focus. Once he is done, the sex will end. But everything is wrong about this approach.

Think about the following statistic for a second: heterosexual women only reach their climax in 65 percent of the time. Thus, they showcase the worst orgasm sex ratio in all of the demographic groups. For men it is by nearly a 100 percent.

That is a huge difference!

The Kinsey Institute at the University of Indiana has produced a study, with 52,000 female participants, between the ages of 18 and 64, where they collected data on what stimulations women need in order to have an orgasm. As a result of the data evaluation the Institute has put forward a three step approach which guarantees almost a 100 percent success.

Let us take a look at these three steps and figure out what they mean!


3 Steps to give her an orgasm!

There are three simple rules to follow, when you want to give a woman an orgasm!

The key to an orgasm is time and patience! Not everything goes as quick a a men orgasm.

Take your time and don’t give her the feeling that she is taking to long.

Let us look at the three key elements to pleasuring a women!

They are:

What Passionate Kissing can Do!

At the beginning invest at least 3 minutes into passionate kissing. Don’t stick your tongue into her mouth right away! Start it slow, ease into it!
Kissing during foreplay, at the beginning of sex, is so important as it reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The lower these levels are the easier it will be to be turned on.
The Lafayette College has found out that when you tilt your head during kissing the intimacy will grow. As this head movement will show that you are more caring. While your head is tilted it will become much more natural to hold her head with your hands.
This will lead to the release of the connection hormone oxytocin, which will make her feel cared for and relaxes her.

Why is it important to kiss other body parts?

Not just the lips are an erogenous zone. There are many more parts to the human body that a perfect for being kissed. The ears, the neck, the butt, the belly just to name a few.
Show her that you care, by exploring her body!
So don’t just kiss her on the mouth, there are many important areas which you can kiss and lick during foreplay. For example you can start by slowly kissing her neck and gently biting her.
Another area which can be stimulated are the ears. Not only will a kiss arouse her but also the sound of your breath will turn her on. The more natural it feels to be with you, the easier the orgasm will come.

Why is the Stimulation by Hand important?

While you the two of you are kissing, your hands won’t be tucked to your side. As this would make the entire situation awkward. Try to feel her with your hands. Hold her in your arms and run your hands down her body. Don’t rush it, but my stroking her you can further arouse her.

Once she is nearly naked you can run your fingers down to the Bermuda triangle. Don’t go under the fabric right away! It is important to built up the moment. The more intense it becomes the bigger the anticipation will be. So don’t go for the direct stimulation of the clitoris but move around the hot spot.

You can slowly start to squeeze and exert pressure on the area but not yet under the fabric. The longer you drag this out, the more graving she will have

Why is Oral Sex so crucial in giving an orgasm?

At some point you will start to move down her neck with your kisses. While you do this your hands can gently touch and stroke her side. Be gently when you message and kiss her breast as this a very delegate and important spot.

Once you have reached the Bermuada triangle it is important to slowly narrow in on the clitoris. Don’t go to fast for the gold.

But once you have reached the spot it is so important to mix the intensity up. It is not good to exert to much pressure with tongue. Even a gentle touch is already enough. You need to keep in mind how many nerve endings are in this little spot.

Also change up her the way your tongue moves around. From top to bottom from left to right, maybe you throw in a circular motion as well. But do not overdo it, just keep it simple and let her feel that she is the centre of attention.

The more time you take the bigger and longer the orgasm will be for her!


Amazing, how simple it can be!

The McKinsey study has also shown, that more than 30 percent of men believe that the stimulation achieved by inserting the penis into the vagina is enough to give your partner an orgasm.

This figure is astonishing, when looking at the three key elements above and how little some men do to experience the female body.

The more affection and intimacy you show, the bigger the reward will be!

If you haven’t done it yet, go out there and discover!


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