5 Habits of Chronically Unhappy People!

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Happiness comes in different forms and different definitions. Unhappiness often comes from within, well the majority of it. We have a bad habit of blaming the unhappiness on circumstances and people. Actually, it is all about your outlook on the world. If you tend to identify with thoughts that are negative then your outlook will be negative towards each and everything. In the same way, if your thoughts are filled with positive energy you’ll attract positive vibes from others as well. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Unhappiness is lethal. You not only have destructive habits but you also make it difficult for people to be around you.  It instinctively drives people away. It creates a vicious cycle where you become incapable of doing what you can. Don’t let the unhappiness drag you down to the abyss.

Not all the habits can be called destructive, but few are more destructive than others in the long run. Carefully go through these habits and learn to stay away from these habits. If you already have them then try to suppress them because negativity does you no good.

1. Complain-ism

5 Habits Of Chronically Unhappy People That Makes Them Miserable

This is the habit that annoys the heck out of people. It not only makes you miserable but does the same for those around as well. Seriously, it is a troubling attitude which assumes negativity in everything. Complaining is a kind of habit which makes an appearance everywhere. It goes on and on like having a lousy job, not good enough breakfast, a bumpy ride, the slow wifi, the annoying boss to the leaders around the world. It is kind of never ending and has a heavy dose of cynicism. The times when you don’t have anything to complain about, you feel incomplete.

There is one question you should ask yourself: What am I getting by complaining about things? Yeah, like what is the use of nagging about all the things that are wrong in the world. Everyone is going through the same thing, aren’t they? So stop complaining. Instead, do something about it and if isn’t something you can solve then just let it be. Because complaining is doing you no good anyway.

Remember, things are going to happen. The world can never be perfect. So the more we complain, the more we are unhappy. Practice gratitude and life will be bliss.

2. Not Living In The Moment

Today is a gift, a present you are meant to cherish and live in. Don’t let your present be gripped by the past or by future. Unhappy people miss out on an infinite number of wonderful experiences that the present has to offer. Give your mind the rest and don’t let it run in multiple ways. Stay in the present, enjoy the moment and be happy. Be grateful for having such an amazing present. It is pretty much impossible to not think of past or future at all. But let it be only from time to time. Try to minimize it to the least.

Try not to multitask. Do one thing at one time. Don’t let your mind wander to different things when you are in a conversation with someone. Don’t drift off into your own personal bubble.

Do not wait for future either. Don’t wait for things to happen. Don’t let the future affect your present. Enjoy the present, focus on being happy now because there’s no surety of future.

3. Poor Self Image

How you think of yourself is important. The way you view yourself whether negatively or positively affects the whole personality. It has an effect on your life. What is self-image? Self-image is how you feel and think about yourself, your appearance and your personality. It has a huge impact on the level of happiness and the outlook of the world.

Poor self-image makes your life miserable on another level. You do not have confidence in yourself and you sometimes do not like who you are or what you look like. There is negativity with your own appearance and you criticize yourself in every step of your life. If you remain the same, your life will start dwindling towards negativity. Achieving anything would be a harder than normal because you do not have that confidence at all.

Start with clearing the negative thoughts and fill positive thoughts instead. It won’t happen in a swish, of course. It takes time; even months together but eventually you’ll get there. If you look around correctly you’ll notice that everyone is worried about their own self-image and you must do that too. Take inspiration from people who are not at all hesitant about being what they are and are in fact proud of it. Instead of wallowing in self-pity why not step up your game. Hit the gym, take personality development classes and change your whole outlook towards the world and most importantly change your self-image.

4. Searching For Perfection


Why is it that we have this assumption that if things are perfect only then we can be happy?

More importantly what exactly is the definition of perfect? No one knows. Don’t measure things on the basis of whether they are perfect or not. You have to come to terms with the fact that nothing is ever perfect. Everything has one or other flaw. Even when you think things are perfect, it’s not going to last forever. Everything will keep on changing and ultimately it’s not going to be perfect forever.

What you need to do is to change your mind set. Aim for happiness and not for perfection. Whenever you feel that things are on the right path, be happy with it and call it a day.

5. Trying To Keep Up With The XYZ

Honestly, everyone does this far too often. You might also call it as a green eyed monster that shows up at times but it is that way with everyone. Most probably one of the reasons why life is sometimes miserable for some people is because they let the jealousy get to them. I know you can’t totally get rid of the envy and jealousy but you can learn to control it and not get to you, right?

You’ll always be unhappy with one or the other thing because when you start to compare things you’ll find that one or the other thing is lacking. For example, we are not happy with the body because someone else has six-pack abs. This way it is a never-ending list. So stop comparing yourself with others and start competing with yourself. Start competing and improvising your own self. Try being a better person than what you were yesterday. Ignore what everybody else has or does.

The need to be happy is something that should come from inside. If you really want to stop feeling miserable and find the happiness then you have to change some your habits. Yes, it is quite a life-changer but it is for a happier you and that’s why all of it is worth it.


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