5 Healthy Tips to Get a Clean Skin!

Clean skin is something everybody strives towards. But most us have had their fair share of problems with pimples and an unclean skin.

Whether they occur on your cheeks, nose or forehead: the red pustules with a white head make you feel unattractive.

But what can we do about it? Many of us have used varies kinds of lotions to remove fatty skin and clean the pores. But that is just a short term method to help. It won’t bring clean skin for a longer duration.

In order to reduce them, we need to learn the causes of their growth. Each pimple location can have its own cause. According to Chinese and Indian medicine, an unclean skin is not only caused by bad hygienic care or the bad genes. Far more important are the substances with which we supply our body.

Our internal organs have a direct influence on how clean our skin is. When analyzing the location of the pimples in our face, we need to know that each part has a different root of causes. As each part of your face stands for a different organ in your body.



1. What to Do with Pimples over your Eyebrows:

It is an indication that your immune system is dealing with an infection.

If you are suffering from a cold, it is very likely that you will have some pimples on the eyebrows. Once the cold is gone, the pimples will start to disappear as well.

Just give you body enough time to heal, take a healthy rest and your clean skin will come back naturally.



2. Why Do Pimples Appear between the Eyebrows:

Pimples between your eyebrows are a clear indication for a food intolerance.

You should start to monitor your food intake. Be aware what you eat and how your body reacts to it.  The reaction will not only be noticed by looking at you eyebrows. Food intolerances can also cause a running noise or a scratchy throat.

If the pimples always come back, when you eat a certain kind of food, you should leave it out of your diet for a while and see if any improvements can be achieved.



3. Why Do I have Pimples on the Nose:

The nose is always a spot where pimples are really annoying.

Responsible for this spot is your. It is not so much the thought of a food intolerance but more of an unbalanced diet, that causes blemished skin in this area. Try to have a more balanced diet, by focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables and less ready made meals.

Your stomach is a highly sensitive organ and has a direct impact on wether your skin is clean or not.



4. Why Do I have Pimples on the cheeks:

These are a clear indication for smoking or for passive smoking. You should try to avoid smoking or being surrounded by smokers. As the cheeks can be directly effected by the condition your lung is in.



5. Why Do I have Pimples on the chin:

Pimples on the chin are an indication of to much stress. Further it can have something to do with a hormonal change.

Try to to do less and manage your time better.




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