5 Reasons why expressing gratitude makes you a better person!

5 Reasons why expressing gratitude makes you a better person!

The power of appreciation and expression of gratitude in our lives is indomitable. When someone cherishes our work, we feel incredible happiness and serenity and it gives us a feeling that can make a huge difference in our lives. When somebody appreciates our work, we feel valuable and being appreciated for your contributions and endeavors is a very important sentiment and its power I feel, hasn’t been respected enough. Not everyone has gratitude for things in life and gratitude is an important factor that sets a rare bunch of people apart from the general crowd.


An attitude for gratitude benefits us in all aspects of life, whether it is our career, health, social life or personality development. It increases the flow of good energies in our body which makes us sleep soundly at night. Emotionally, it makes us more resilient and less envious and we improve our personality by becoming less self-centered and less materialistic. It is definitely a sign of a better human being and this article here combines all the ways to why conveying gratitude makes us a better person.




Gratitude is being grateful for the things around you or the things that people do for you. Usually, when the work is done people forget the hard work and efforts put in by the people for the completion of the task and simply go away without thanking the team. To be someone who appreciates what people do is having a rare quality and taking time to appreciate someone’s hard work and acknowledging their work is equivalent to filling their lives with smiles. Saying a few heart felt words and praising them can boost and pump them up for the entire day. They will feel worthy and will work hard for more improvement and better performances in future. This isn’t just limited to your professional environment; it caters to your personal relationship with people on a very large scale. If you do not show gratitude to your loved ones, it simply means you are overlooking their part played in your life and you do not appreciate their presence in your life.



5 Reasons why expressing gratitude makes you a better person!

When you appreciate someone, the gratitude you pay goes into the hands of karma. The karma as we all know works by networking the gratitude you have for people around you and follows up during your accomplishments. The beautiful law of universe helps you open windows of delight and happiness in your life as what you give is what you get in return. Showing gratitude doesn’t just help others grow but it enriches your life in a totally competent manner.  You wouldn’t even realize but you will be working towards a better life for yourself. Karma will be kind to you and the gratitude you show will definitely return back to you in some form or the other.




When you appreciate your friend’s or colleague’s works, they will notice the effort made by you and you will be equally appreciated for making that effort. They will definitely draw a lesson from your approach and your work will interest them too and they too shall appreciate the work that you do. This beautiful exchange of gratitude will eventually lead to healthier and much fonder relationship between you and the people around you. Your overall impression on them will be very positive and heartening and this will help y’all foster good bonds and an enhanced relationship among each other. One more important thing is that you should never cause delay in expressing gratitude. It should be done exactly at the time you feel gratitude for someone, it will not only give the recipients pleasure and happiness, but will fill you with positivity and good vibes.





5 Reasons why expressing gratitude makes you a better person!

The art of appreciation is one of the primary qualities of a virtuous leader. Your worth as a leader is determined by your capacity to influence your team mates. Expressing gratitude ensures that you believe in taking care of your people and they have your full attention when it comes to their contributions. This character trait will resultantly build a sense of trust amongst your colleagues and they will grow likeness for you. Your fellow mates will work harder and will be more loyal to you. By showing gratitude, you are deploying your management skills as well along with developing modest talents. A leader never expects anything in return from its team members; likewise, you should not expect that if you have delivered some kind words, they are obliged to give the same back to you. That is incorrect leadership and is a sign of a poor leader.



The good feelings that tag along a person when you show appreciation, also brings self-confidence with it. A lot of studies have said that people who are under-confident and have a hard time coping with their self-image, can be tremendously helped with ‘appreciation’. It helps them foster a mindset where they feel worthy of themselves and as time passes by they will grow more confident and will be more assertive about things. We all have high spirits and passion residing in us, all we need is a trigger to channelize our energies and aim it in the right direction and gratitude as a form of expression explicitly helps in accomplishing that. You do not need to fabricate things to show gratitude, you can simply praise them genuinely. Faking your emotions will backfire and they might lose the little amount of confidence they have, so that is a high voltage risk I am sure you don’t want to take.




It is important to recognize the struggles and labors your friends, family, colleagues or partners are putting in and hence, showing gratitude should be your prime responsibility towards them. This will ensure that you notice and value their contributions in your life and you do not wish to take them for granted.



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