5 Secrete Sexual Fantasies Every Woman Dreams Of

Here are 5 fetishes that women only dream about but don’t speak out loud.


At least once in our lives, the thought has crossed our minds. Or while going through the list of pornographic videos at night, we have stumbled across one or two of this genre that has not exactly failed to arouse us.

A hot group of cops arrive, knock at your door, you open and instantly notice how jaw-dropping gorgeous they are, their perfect physiques, broad shoulders and perfectly lined jaws. You’re drooling and you hardly hear what they say. And the next thing you know, this group of men is pleasuring the living daylights out of you! Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

  • BDSM

Why do you think 50 Shades of Grey made billions off you women? Because you clearly enjoyed BDSM. An insanely charming man forcing you into something you already want to do, torturing you oh-so bitter-sweetly, is nothing but sheer arousal.

I’m already getting butterflies at the thought of it.

In bed, this kind of role-play is not so bad after all, just don’t let it become an all-time thing. Sometimes all torture and less pleasure will lead to other mental stresses.


sexual fantasies every women dream of, every women sexual fantasy, fantasy of every womenWomen, it’s time to finally admit we ALL love lesbian porn! The thought of being body-to-body with a soft, voluptuous, beautiful woman, feeling her up and having her feel you up, kissing, 69, and even Scissoring (rubbing both your clitoris against each other till you both orgasm by wrapping your legs around each other in a scissor-like way – A picture has been attached below for assistance)! I might just be wet picturing all of this while penning them down.

It’s not wrong to have these thoughts. It’s completely natural. And some even say, women were born bisexual, as they are capable of giving love to both the sexes equally! We just choose in the process.


Girl + You + Boy or Boy + You + Boy or Girl + You + Girl, either way, with any gender, you have totally craved at least one threesome where you get most of the attention.
You’re in between the two, while one pounds you, the other is either nibbling on your clit or rubbing it while pleasuring your nipples with his/her tongue.

This is certainly one of my fantasies, and who knows, maybe it is yours too!


sexual fantasies every women dream of, every women sexual fantasy, fantasy of every womenI’ve always wanted to order a sex toy, one that vibrates, after I watched one of the episodes of Sex and The City where Charlotte (one of the lead actresses) purchases one and absolutely falls in love with her new toy! So in love that she confesses she has had the best sex of her life with this dildo!

But I’ve always feared of getting caught with it at home. But I guess we shouldn’t let fear and shame get in our way anymore. While men can use their hands, we can purchase our very own customized machines and toys to pleasure and satisfy ourselves! After all, sex is only healthy for your skin and body, while it also helps relieve you of your daily stress. So stop thinking about what others might say and go ahead and make the purchase! Fulfill at least one of your fantasies, woman!

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