5 Ways to satisfy any woman

5 Ways to satisfy any woman

Men think that women are too complicated. They stay confused as to what they really want in bed and how to satisfy them. The truth is that they aren’t really complicated. They are just not too vocal about their wants and they like when men try to discover them. They enjoy the teasing and there is nothing as satisfying to them as to see their man pushing himself in getting to know her.


You may not be able to get her orgasms and that might get your confidence to lower down but you need to understand that women are not just seeking orgasm on bed. They look for the broader picture and they want an overwhelming experience altogether with awesome foreplay. Down below are five ways you can satisfy women on bed. Read it closely to apply it next time onwards with the woman you desire.





No matter how much we act like we are nothing about lust, the truth is that the women love the experience of sex. Getting intimate gives us the equal amount of joy as much as a man feels while thinking about it. We want to feel our body against yours and  explore your touch and enjoy every second of the love making. We love it when you express your wish of getting intimate with us because we like feeling desired. We like to see that you are willing to take out time from your busy schedule to express your love. We women love it when you make arrangements and invest your time in making us feel special.



5 Ways to satisfy any woman

If you will put pressure on me to reach an orgasm, I will prefer faking it.  In order to not hurt your sensitive male ego, I would rather chose acting like having the best time of my life than actually enjoying the moments. No matter how good the sex is, orgasms are based on the several other factors. Such as what happened at work, how well my hormones are functioning, how sexy I am feeling etc. If you are someone who follows the pre-determined rule that women must come first, then you are an instant turn off for me because that is bullshit. You will be killing all the chances of me having an orgasm, if you stress about it all the time.



Sex is not just about orgasm, it is much much more than that. Also, your efficiency to satisfy a woman on bed is not determined by whether she has reached orgasm or not, it is by giving her an extraordinary sensuous experience and making her feel loved at every inch of her body. Take things as it is happening and if you have blown your fluids super quick, then don’t get disappointed. There are ways to redeem yourself. Follow it up by helping her masturbate or take over her pussy and do some magic down there. Even if she doesn’t reach her climax, she would be in ecstasy.




Women love the attention in bed. In fact, one thing that puts them off instantly is when men after ejaculating focus on minding their own business and make it all seem like a task. They love all the attentions, both before and after sex. Make her feel that the entire love making is just to make her feel precious and lovable. Make her feel that you care if she is enjoying your touch and movements. A woman loves it when you express how much you like her body and how badly you want to make love to all that you see.



If you guys have been chatting before meeting to have sex, then try knowing what are her likes and dislikes on bed. If she likes being kissed madly around the neck region, then make sure that you do that. Learn taking hints as women won’t reveal everything at first, they like you to decode them, that is a test every man wishes to pass. Drawing hints, you should attempt at  giving her what she wants. For instance, if she has told you that she loves chocolates, then bring it along. It will be a mood enhancer for her and she will appreciate the efforts. Put some chocolate on her lips and breasts and lick them. She will be greatly pleased and will gradually return the love to you.



Women do not like when men try to overdo things. If you try too hard to make her happy, you are  building blocks of disappointment for her. She loves to be loved effortlessly. She does not want her man to be performing under pressure as she may label it as lack of confidence. So, avoid these mistakes and take it easy. Satisfying a woman is not rocket science, it is just about making the smart moves.



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