6 Kiddish things every adult must do!

6 Kiddish things every adult must do!

As we grow older, our definitions of love, desire, hate keeps changing with our experiential realities. We don’t even realize when we became a part of this adult world and when our thoughts started consuming us more than our desires. We got tangled in the adult world so much that we never noticed that we have given up the idea of having true fun. True fun meaning, being childish and doing all the things that we did as kids that brought us immense joy and happiness. The summer is on and you really need to get out of the adult world for a while and open yourself to the world of kids where happiness comes in various forms. In this article, we will guide you through things that you must try as adults even though they are kiddish.






Tag in your office buddies or your childhood pals and plan a week to mount the hills. Go camping and be underneath a blanket of stars with a cup of hot tea in hand and do some sky gazing. Remember those summer camps in schools? The idea is exact same and so will be the excitement and adventure. Manage your holiday and synchronize with your friends and take a whole week off work. Book a camp, pack your backpacks and leave for the serene landscapes. Do not forget to make barbecue and of course, the campfire. Send special invitation to the singer friend in the lot and ask him to carry his guitar or violin. Unwind in the pleasant breeze of the sky, sit and relax and free your mind from the everyday problems.


  1. Stack up a lot of ice-cream and chocolates


Kids craze for ice-creams, candies and chocolates is needless to say.  The extreme fondness need to be found again. Rewind into the past and remember how we use to make mountains of ice creams, where we insisted our parents to buy a scoop of each flavor that’s on the counter, so that we could enjoy all the taste. Somebody very correctly said that there is an ice-cream for every mood.  So why not give a blast treat to the taste buds and order all the flavors and make a heap of an ice cream and enjoy it. A bit of a compromise on the calories but come on, you can spend half an hour extra at the gym. After all, it is totally worth it.


  1. Admire the unknown

Kids are all about curiosity. They have so many questions in their minds as to what is what, why is it like that, why can’t it be this way etc. This curiosity is what makes life interesting to them. Just because you are a part of the adult world now doesn’t mean you should refrain yourself from the inquisitive side inside you. The curios part inside you should be shown door of exploration. Just like kids, you too should watch the starry sky and watch them slowly move. Listen to the songs that were your personal favorite as kids that gave you immense joy and a sense of freedom. These are little things, some of them even will make you feel silly, but try it. The amount of relaxation it will bring to you is going to make you want for more and more of such experiences.


  1. Spend time with your super heroes

As we become older, our time spending gets lessened and lessened with our parents. They fall back on our priority lists and sometimes we get unavoidably occupied in our work life. A lot of the people I meet these days also find it uncool to be staying back home with their parents during the weekends, reason being it’s just not an acceptable fashion and they say weekends are meant for clubbing and boozing with friends. All okay and all accepted. But think about it, like really? Your parents aren’t as bad as you think they are or as boring your peers might say. For a very large time span, your life surrounded around them and if there was any superhero you wanted to be like, it was your day or your mum.  The hassled life we are engaged in is causing us an unfair loss of contact with our parents and as we don’t give them their deserving time, they get distanced and when there is a gap in communication, misunderstandings follow. This is why we should be spending time with them. The best insights into life and the best advice about your problem still reserves with them. Don’t forget that!


  1. Indulge in the Classics


It is a matter of fact that you are an embodiment of all the movies and television shows that you watched as a kid. The Tom and Jerry, the Popeye the sailor man and pick any name from the endless list, you are a personification of the classics. How can you afford to miss out on all the everlasting drama and fun of the classic Disney movies? You simply cannot! So this summer, you need to binge watch all the prince and princess stories that once made you believe that your prince charming is going to come looking for your like a royalty on a horse. You might not have found him yet, but still what’s wrong in reviving all the memories and sinking down the memory lane of the good old days.


  1. Coloring your hearts out

One more thing that was our weak point as kids, were the colors and the coloring books. We always wanted to color it the best as compared to our friends we had in school. The excitement when we were gifted a new painting brush or a new set of colors can’t be summed up in words. The thrill to use those colors was so much that we literally used to schedule time and dates to use certain colors. This might sound incredibly wrong and foolish but trust me colors never disappoint anyone. So pick up that painting brush, find it in the box that you have kept locked for years, I’m sure you will find something productive inside and color your heart out. Paint anything that comes to your mind or simply Google an image and try copying that. It will not just work as a therapy for your mind but will also  bring you closer to the six year old you.


So these were six things that you need to dwell into to make your days a little more exciting and stress free. These activities will undoubtedly move you mentally and give you a very refreshed and rejuvenated state of mind. It will help curb the stress and tensions of the outer world and make you forget about your everyday problems, if not completely but strongly for a good while. You can be a part of several other activities like swimming in your village’s pond, go swinging in the park or go tobogganing. These are things that will bring you peace of mind and give you the essence of living. You will break free from the monotonous life you have and will surely be inviting some free spirited living.



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