6 Simple yet effective ways to relieve frustration

6 Simple yet effective ways to relieve frustration

Sometimes when we are out with a very positive and happy mood, bad event takes place unexpectedly and leaves us with frustration and anger. Frustration is the main reason that creates stress in life. The upsetting feelings do no good and leave us with lack of enthusiasm in life. Our productivity starts dipping throughout the day and we make our work suffer.  Thankfully, there are some really effective ways that can help relieve our frustration and get us back on track immediately. We must use these techniques to ensure that we do not hamper things around us and curse ourselves for taking some stupid impulsive actions. Given below is the list of things that a person should do to make his mind anger free.



Time and again, we have constantly been reminded about the unmatched benefits of workout. Through blog posts, videos and articles, we all are made aware about the enriching benefits of workout on our mental health and well-being. Still, we disparage or ignore it when we are frustrated. We cannot be blamed completely about this as during that specific time, our attention is devoted to a certain frame of mind that does not near positive thinking. But we need to see it for ourselves. Hence, next time we are boiling with anger, we must take up a sport or go for a jog or run. Exercising is one of the most excellent methods to dismiss frustration. Workout releases feel good hormones inside our body and our minds wash off unwanted thoughts. This helps us better our visualization skills and we are able to find solutions rather than sitting and cribbing about the things gone wrong.



6 Simple yet effective ways to relieve frustration

Boss is shouting and complaining? Or your girlfriend cancelled the date last minute? Or your online shopping went completely wrong? Well! A two minute phone call to your best friend and you will be set for the day. I don’t think there is a better way to relieve frustration that to have conversations and unending phone calls with your BFF. Your friends are a great source of help at times when you are seeking to relieve frustration. Although, they can sometimes be the reason behind your frustration too but if not, then chatting with them will surely help you get rid of the uneasiness and frizz. It is not that they will give you the exact solution to your problems or the right advice you need, but just talking to them helps you get away with the disturbances in mind. So next time, simply phone a friend and express your heart.



The best thing to do when you are irritated is to keep yourself busy. Distractions are a very helpful technique to be productive and at the same time, help your mind to stay engaged in useful things. Keeping yourself bust will help you entertain new things and you will be able to channelize your mind in the right direction. Develop a hobby; it could be anything that you like doing. For example, if you like watching movies or television shows, then book a show or simply draw or paint or if you like travelling, then you should prefer going for long drives or a weekend getaway can be of great help. Exploring things that draws your interest can be immensely helpful if your aim is to free your mind of the frustration you are feeling.



6 Simple yet effective ways to relieve frustration

A lot of us tend to underestimate the power of writing as a therapy. Writing indeed is the best way bring relief and hope back you’re your life. Maintain a diary in which pen down whatever you are feeling or about the things that are making you agitated. I know a lot of people who prefer writing their emotions down rather than verbal communication and they have promised that it really works wonders. A friend of mine gave a very interesting insight into the whole scene and said that it works better when you burn the piece of paper in the end. He said that it gives you a very satisfying feeling as just as the paper begins burning and disappearing, you experience a feeling like your anger is diminishing away.



The magnitude that the playlist in your smartphones have to cure your tired mind cannot be compared to any other suggestions here. Music is immensely powerful to help relieve frustration. It is rightly said that ‘Put on your earphones and turn the world off’. The right kind of music helps your mind travel and you go into a totally different zone that is excluded by sadness and adversity. Music helps you create a world of your own and instills a sensation in you that makes you feel that everything is going to be fine. So update your playlist with your current favorite tracks, you never know when you’ll need them.



6 Simple yet effective ways to relieve frustration

It is absolutely illogical to associate crying with weakness. A person who cries is actually much stronger than a person who refrains from it.  It is a wonderful therapy for your mind and can be a profitable and constructive way of clearing frustration. Crying helps the heart become light weighted. A lot of people fear that they will be ridiculed if they cry and will be given the tag of a cry baby. But you need to know that only those who have poor understanding of things or a low intellect level would do that. Crying is a wonderful way of feeling relaxed. It almost feels like removing the toxins in your mind. Piling up things that are bothering you and putting up a smile will eventual pave way for a breakdown someday. It is better that you vent out your emotions and be expressive. It actually reflects your power of acceptance of truth and shows that you are not afraid to put forward the vulnerable side of you. So next time you are frustrated, don’t just eat all the feelings and store it inside you. Just let the tears flow!


Frustration is unpleasant to deal with and when we are frustrated, our feet starts to tremble and we are all over the place. When things do not appear as we had planned, we instantly become unsatisfied and begin grunting about the situation in hand. We foster a mindset that things are harder than before and you won’t be able to pass this. Sometimes even after constant efforts and hard work, events take place that are tragic and unfair. Hence, it is important that we learn how to keep things under control with our frustrated mind. The above mentioned ways are effective and result in gradual conversion of mood. We must keep these things in mind and put it into our actions, the next time we feel irritated or angry about something. These are things that can be easily done and you’ll see your mind recover in the right space very fast and speedily. They help our minds wear off the tension and keep our mind calm and composed so that we are able to think in the right direction and work towards accomplishment of tasks.


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