7 Lessons you can learn from setbacks in life!

7 Lessons you can learn from setbacks in life!

Truman Capote once wrote, “Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” This is something most people don’t want to accept. But that doesn’t change the fact that without failure we won’t be able to enjoy and respect the success we have achieved. It’s the constant blows of failure that glorifies getting back up. So failure is here to help you because it teaches you much more than success ever can. If you have been through setbacks in life you would be nodding your head now. If you still think failure is just a pain in the ass, here are things what you can take from your setbacks.

  • Be humble

It’s an age where everyone wants everything and aren’t afraid to go all the way to get it. What it does to you is something nobody wants to wait and think about. Too often while trying to be the best and achieve the most in minimum time we become selfish, arrogant and greedy. And we are so busy that we are unable to see what we are doing. It’s time like these where failure comes to knock you down and make you humble again. It teaches you that no matter how high you get on that ladder it can knock you down anytime. It shows you that you are not invincible. It teaches you that never let your success get on your head. Always know where you come from and where you are going.

  • Inspire creativity

7 Lessons you can learn from setbacks in life!
The first reaction when I raise this point is how can failure inspire you to be more creative? Well, some of the finest inventions are here because failure motivated them. The point is everyone can work hard and put their all in but still fail sometimes. When this happens the best don’t leave their goal rather they experiment with different ways of reaching it. In the process, they find a more creative way of doing the same things which weren’t possible by the normal path. Failure can be a great motivator if you let it. All you need to do is stop letting your failure get to you and think outside the box. Be creative and you may open doors you never imagined to be there.

  • Be patient

My father loves gardening and the one lesson he taught me is you can’t grow a plant just because you want to. What you can do is water it, nurture it and let it grow at its own pace. This has helped to be steady in the worst cases in my life. Sometimes you are doing everything you can but you just don’t seem to move ahead. You start getting frustrated and start slacking destroying any progress you have made. That’s how you make failure permanent, by giving in. The better way is to keep going and accept that it’s not time yet. Wait, be patient and your efforts will be rewarded (like the fresh tomatoes he gets now). Failure teaches you to be patient about your success.

  • Focus on progress

7 Lessons you can learn from setbacks in life!
When I started writing not even I believed I can do how well I am doing with it. But today I get down by little things like the less number of people who follow me every day or the likes I get on my post. That’s when I sit down and look at my journey till here. All the ups and downs, all the hard work and sleepless nights that brought me here. It’s easy to let failure stop you from looking at the brighter side but it’s the time you most need to. When failure knocks you out learn to let it go and look at all the things you have achieved. You have come a long way and you have gotten over some pretty bad days. These thoughts will help you get over the tough time you are in now.

  • Perseverance

Anyone can keep going when things are going good but it’s the toughest souls that keep going in the face of despair. Perseverance is a very important quality that you need to succeed in life. But the irony is, failure can teach you how to persevere. When you are constantly failing most people just change paths but as discussed earlier you can change your way but not your goals if you ever want to be successful. So you keep going by using everything you know and if you don’t, then you learn and adapt. Perseverance is the best gift your failures can give you.

  • Appreciate what you have

7 Lessons you can learn from setbacks in life!
When you are doing great and achieving success, you start believing that you are invincible. When that feeling sets in you tend to take things for granted. You tend to believe that all this is gonna be there forever and hence seem unimportant. But then failure comes in to knock some humbleness in you and you lose quite a lot of things you earned with your hard work. That’s when you learn to appreciate what you have rather than taking them for granted.

  • Know who your friends are

You know all those people who used to drool all over you at parties and get-togethers; they all aren’t there because they are your friends. They are there because you are a great prospect for most of them. The best thing that can happen to you is a failure because it will show you who will stand by you in thick and thin. It will show you the real meaning of friends. Also, you’ll learn that when it comes to friends it’s never about numbers rather loyalty. So, when you are down, see who gives you a hand.
Some of the biggest success stories have come from some of the biggest failures. The only thing that is different between you and them is they perceive their failures differently and use them as lessons. So the next time you fail, see what it taught you and work again.


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