7 Things that guys do that girls find extremely cute!

7 Things that guys do that girls find extremely cute!

In his famous novel ‘The Great Gatsby’, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “I hope she’ll be a fool — that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” Before I offend any woman reading this he didn’t mean fool in the literal sense rather in a poetic way. Women have been treated wrongly almost since forever because too many people think that they need grand gestures and stuff to please them. Well, I am here to tell them all they are wrong. Women are pleased by the small gestures by the people they care about (and hence were called fools in this selfish misogynistic world). If you don’t agree with the fact here are some subtle things men do unintentionally that women find cute and adorable.

  • When you are socially awkward

Okay, we all know that you are no player but you really like a girl and would like to ask her out. The only problem is you are not that confident and you stutter when asking a girl out or you just don’t know how to approach her. Well, the good news is, girls, find that adorable. Because it shows them that they were so important to you that you got over your awkwardness and asked them out. You don’t need to be a casanova to get a girl to go out with you; you just need to be genuine. So leave the ‘How you doin’ to Joey and go with ‘Umm, I was wondering – I don’t know, but – Umm, would you like to – maybe – go out with me.’

  • When you zone out staring at her

7 Things that guys do that girls find extremely cute!
This is not the kind of staring you do at every girl you see (we all know that’s creepy). But if you are out with a girl you like and you try to take small glimpses of her it’s always cute. And maybe you just find her so attractive that you zone out watching her not realizing she can see you looking at her makes you adorable. It’s like a high form of flattery to her and also cute on your side. When you are so engrossed in her it also means you are giving her your undivided attention which she would definitely appreciate.

  • When you accidentally share something smart

Nobody likes a showoff unless all they want is to sponge off on you. So don’t go showing how smart you are by giving detailed ideas about everything that exists. It is not only disrespectful but highly uninteresting. The only way to do it right, drop your smart comments randomly. Like if you are out with a girl to an art exhibition you can talk about your favorite artist and their work. If you are out at an Italian restaurant you can drop subtle Italian words she could use. This doesn’t make you look bad and also shows that you are intelligent when needed. Also, she’ll feel that she can learn a lot from you which makes you cuter for her.

  • Go geeky on her

Gone are the times that geeky was a bad thing. As the people call it, ‘it’s the age of geek’. But girls have always like guys who were a little geeky but try to hide it since they feel it makes them less masculine. But when you are out shopping and you see the new game you were waiting is out; you start going gaga over it. That’s the part which girls find cutest in you. Because it shows that there is a soft kid inside all that masculinity which comes to surface from time to time. It also shows that you don’t feel embarrassed by who you are and want to share it with her. So don’t hold back be a proud geek.

  • Holding a baby

As per the patriarchal society, it’s the women that hold the body. But when a man holds a baby it feels like he is ready to shed all that for you. Also when you hold a baby it makes girls swoon on how cute you both look. It’s weird but girls like to imagine what kind of dad you’ll be even if they don’t have any such future plans with you. And when you hold a baby you give their answers making you irresistibly cute for them. But please learn a thing or two about holding babies because it can also backfire if you do it wrong.

  • Your bromance

7 Things that guys do that girls find extremely cute!
We have all heard about the BFF thing in between girls (hell, songs have been written on that). So girls kind of connect really well with guys who can hold that kind of friendship. So, when you, have that one friend who has been through everything with you; they find it adorable. It also shows how reliable you are as a friend. To add to the cuteness you both have a ton of embarrassing stories to share about each other which she find cute. So don’t hide or keep your brother from another mother away; just introduce him and you might score some brownie points.

  • Dancing or singing even if you are bad at it

You know what’s the cutest thing a girl finds about a guy? It’s the efforts he puts in for her (golden rule). So when you suck at dancing or singing but you still try to she finds that really adorable and cute. When you learn a song especially for her birthday or your anniversary it makes you a bazillion times cuter to her. It doesn’t matter if you are not a great singer but the effort is appreciated by your girl. So go ahead do something that you are bad at but will please her. Chances are she will find it cute.
Again these are things which should come naturally rather than planned. Since there is no intention to impress her, it makes these things cute. But if you try to pretend this will always get you in trouble.


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