7 Things men do that women don’t like in bed!

7 things men do that women don’t like in bed!

Let’s talk about something we all like but try to talk about as much less as possible; sex. We are in the 21st century and there is no shame in accepting that we all like sex. Also, don’t make it gender biased; meaning both male and female population enjoys it. But since we avoid talking about it most of us have no idea what we are doing in bed. This, in turn, leads to losing confidence in ourselves. So are you thinking why didn’t she call you back after you rocked her world that night? Here are some things you may have done wrong.
7 things men do that women don’t like in bed!

  • It’s not porn

The one source we go to as teenagers to understand sex is porn. We think that if we could do all that is shown, we can make any girl happy. You are wrong because real life sex is nowhere close to porn. Also not all girls like all the things they show on porn. So if you are taking your inspiration and training from there you better stop. Because you are setting unrealistic expectations for and from yourself in bed. The best way to do this read about it and experience it. This way you’ll at least get information that is useful.

  • Stop with the nipples already

This is what some guys think would turn on almost all girls they are with. Yes, they are one of the most sensitive areas of a girl’s body but you need to understand that you can’t behave like a dehydrated toddler. You need to strike a balance between what to do and what to avoid. A little licking and sucking feels nice but don’t bite or pinch. Remember it’s a sensitive part and hence needs to be handled with care. If your girl likes something you are avoiding she’ll speak up and then you can do it.

  • No time for jokes

7 things men do that women don’t like in bed!
You must be a comic genius and it may have helped you get into the bedroom but that’s where the jokes stop. Because in the heat of the moment you could crack a joke that could ruin the mood or hurt her self-image. You need to understand that many people are insecure about a lot of things. If in the attempt of making jokes you touch those topics it would be bye bye for you. So try avoiding the jokes as much as possible and focus on the more important things.

  • The silent treatment

Yes, I told you not to make jokes in bed but that does not mean you zip your mouth shut. A little dirty talk, a little moaning and telling each other what you like and dislike is the best to way to enjoy this. If you keep shut she may think that you are uninterested or you are not enjoying the time with her. Try not letting her mind drift to conclusions if you want to please her. Be vocal and also listen to her so you both can enjoy every moment you have together.

  • Skipping the foreplay

We really don’t like working too much once we have got into bed. But the thing is we need to if there are any chances of pleasing her. I am talking about foreplay; we tend to avoid it and jump right up to the part where we can just get done with it. We have to understand that a woman’s body doesn’t work in the exact same way as a man’s. Foreplay helps her to reach orgasm better and if you skip it there are chances she may never reach it. So no matter how big you are your foreplay skills are a key to make it pleasurable.

  • Avoiding the condom

Let me repeat, it’s the 21st century and mostly everyone knows about safe sex. So when you say let’s skip the condom she may think the risk is too much (which is). Also, stop telling her to take the pill just because you are lazy or selfish. You don’t know how bad it is for her body. Yes, sex is a physical act but be a gentleman and it will make you more attractive to her. Just wear the condom and be safe. I need not remind you the chances of getting STD’s.

  • Stop asking her to cum

7 things men do that women don’t like in bed!
This is the most amateur mistake you would see almost all guys do. Please understand it’s a vagina not a voice controlled system. A few times may sound sexy but if you keep asking her to cum or how many times she came; she wouldn’t reach there at all. You need to work for it just like you like her to work on your junk. Learn a trick or two, listen to what she likes and work to make her cum. It’s not just about you and the faster you learn that the easier it will be for you please your women.
Now, these tips won’t guarantee that you don’t strike out but it will help you to avoid the amateur mistakes. The last point and the most important one; treat her with respect and you will get her back. She chose to have sex with you so don’t let her be disappointed.


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