7 Things you need to know about buying and using your first condom!

7 Things you need to know about buying and using your first condom!

Condoms are a necessity especially for the first timers, more than the ones who are a regular at having sex. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you must use a condom if you engage in sexual intercourse. It is generally safe and easy to use. Guidelines for its use will be mentioned in the pack itself. Hence, do not fear and forestall its use.


Here are a few factors that you might need to understand before you purchase and use your first condom ever.



Condoms are available in drugstores, supermarkets, malls, and on the internet. You might not find a wide variety of options to choose from when you’re buying from a typical drugstore but there will be more choices in either a supermarket or mall and even better choices to choose from in the internet.



Yes, in order to promote awareness and safety, condoms are given out for free in several hospitals, clinics and also sometimes in various convenience stores in exchange of big notes when they don’t have change, they’ll hand you with a couple of condoms instead of candies. In hospitals condoms are given out as an awareness drive sponsored by the government. However the distribution of free condoms depends from one place to another. It may not be a practice in perhaps your city, except only infrequently, but it might be a recurrent practice in a different city in the same country that you live in.



7 Things you need to know about buying and using your first condom!

Technically, you need to be an adult to have sex and hence find the need to use a condom, and consequently have the requirement to buy it. But since condoms ensure sexual safety, its use is more than encouraged, so it doesn’t matter even if you’re younger than 18 years of age; buying a condom is welcome at any age.

If you find it difficult or feel embarrassed to get condoms from the drugstore near your house or if you’re afraid they’ll deny you the purchase then try and get it from a convenience store, supermarket or a shopping complex, where nobody will have anything to say to you.



Cost is brand specific. But a pack consisting of typically 3 pieces generally costs around Rs20 and pieces ranging from 15 to 20 should come for close to Rs140. Condoms are reasonably prices because they are a necessity. So you can opt for differing packs as per your convenience.

Condoms that are extra thin or long and have added frills such as scents and flavour or are endowed with spirals, dots, and so on will range a bit higher than the normal ones. But the condoms with add-ons are really luxury buys because they provide the same purpose except they mentally satisfy you more than granting actual physical satisfaction.



7 Things you need to know about buying and using your first condom!

Condoms are usually 98 per cent effective. So while it can be effectual in keeping at bay sexually transmitted diseases and in preventing unwanted pregnancy, one must make sure that it is used correctly, because if not, then a condom’s potential to avert sexually transmitted diseases can fall up to 82 per cent.

It should be taken care that ruptures don’t occur and that condoms which have passed their expiry date are not used, in order to ensure optimal utility.



There are various kinds of condoms available in the market. You have to decide as to which one suits you the best. Some might enjoy flavoured condoms and some may not, while there are others who prefer plain condoms over extra thin or dotted ones. So it completely varies from person to person as to which one they find better.

However it is better to choose condoms that are more sturdy and one can figure that out by checking the ISO rating, the materials used in the making of the particular condom and I’d personally suggest doing away with the extra thin or flavoured condoms because an extra thin has a higher chance of breaking than a normal latex and flavoured condoms are not apparently a safe bet for intercourse, but can be used for oral sex. A plain condom issued by a good brand should be a safe bet for the newbie.



There are specific elements which differentiate one condom from another and it is by weighing the elements of one against the other, is how you’ll know which one should suit you the best.

So here’s what you should look for while weighing your options:


The usual size of a condom is about 3-4.5 inches, and these are the smaller versions which are commonly purchased. Then there are the medium ones which come in sizes of 4.5-6.5 inches. The large ones come in 6.5-9 inches and the extra large condoms are about 9 inches and above. The availability however of varying sizes in common departmental and drugstores can be an issue, but they should be easily available on the internet. The size is always mentioned at the backside of the packaging, for you to check before purchase.


Some people might be allergic to latex condoms, which is the common material used in the making of condoms. But there are condoms available which are made out of materials like polyurethane and polyisoprene which can be used as a substitute for latex condoms, provided latex gives rise to allergic reactions in either you or your sexual partner.


Condoms usually have a slight lubricant to allow for smooth penetration, but sometimes one might be allergic to this lubricant and so you can opt for condoms which come without lubrication and choose other lubricants available in the market or use home based natural lubricants which are safer but it’s always better to consult the doctor before you use an external product.



7 Things you need to know about buying and using your first condom!

Condoms are generally used for protection but nevertheless, this means of protection often has the potential to hinder and even ruin the sexual pleasure which is received out of skin touching, rubbing and the natural friction which occurs during intercourse and in order to try to do away with the hindrance in pleasure is why condoms with added frills have come to be. Here again it is completely up to you as to which one you choose. You might either want to go for pleasure over protection or fun and novelty over pleasure; you can make your choice by going through the specifications of each.

Pleasure specific – These condoms are extra thin and may come with added lubrication so that it barely feels as though one is actually wearing anything. It almost grants the feeling of bare skin touching against one another’s.

Protection specific – These are made of thicker latex and are more sturdy hence are adept at preventing ruptures and are good for rough sex but often ruins pleasure by obstructing a tactile sensation.

Novelty – This one is used just for the sake of fun and allows for no guaranteed protection whatsoever. These come with spirals, dots, ribs, may have exotic scents and flavours but that is all that is there to it.

This should act as a guideline to your first ever purchase. Get back to us with any further doubts or share with us your experiences at buying and using your first ever condom, in the space provided below for comments. All the best!


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