8 Reasons Why Women Run Away As You Get Closer!

8 Reasons Why Women Run Away As You Get Closer!

You have done everything you could and still, when you get closer she is pulling away. Why is it so? You have feelings for her and now you want to take it to the next level, yet when you take the next step she seems to be hesitant.


Everything is going well. At least according to you it is but have you ever thought it from her point of view? Maybe not. There might be several reasons why she pulls away. You think that you have read all the signals wrong and maybe she’s not that into you. But you never know, maybe that is not the real reason and you are assuming it all wrong.  It is disappointing to be rejected but we also have to give it a thought.

To be honest, people are complicated and we can never predict what goes on their minds. We can’t predict why exactly a woman pulls away when she does but I can guess a few reasons why she might run away. It might not always be you; it might be something related to her or something else entirely. So instead of assuming things, it is better to confront her or talk it out with her.

Here are a few reasons why she takes a step back or runs away whenever you get closer:

She Feels That It’s All Too Soon

You might think that women use this statement as an excuse but no, some women actually mean it. This doesn’t just happen with women. Sometimes people are not so sure about their feelings and when you want to take the relation to next level they feel like things are moving too fast. It might also be such that she has recently had a breakup and although she is over her ex, she just doesn’t want to get into another relationship so soon. Maybe she feels everything in her life is going too fast and she wants things to slow down. So you see it has got nothing to do with you but it is about her.

She Feels You Are Coming Off Strong

8 Reasons Why Women Run Away As You Get Closer!

Everything is fine and you both are being really good with each other. You both make plans with each other, go hang out and share a few moments with each other but you have been trying to make a move and one day you lean over and grab her hand. Then you see a frown come across her face or see that she has suddenly become rigid. It is because she just feels uncomfortable with your move. Maybe you are coming off strong. Or your move might have reminded her of someone from past and she’s now again retracted in her zone. She just needs time and you should give her space.

She Feels Confused

Maybe she is herself not so sure about her feelings. She likes you but she doesn’t know whether she loves you. Maybe she’s not so sure about being in a relationship with you. It might hurt your feelings to know that she’s still not sure about you but it is the truth and you have to accept it. She might still want to know you well before jumping into a relationship or maybe she wants to test you out.  When she runs away as soon as you get closer you’ll come to know what she feels about you. That way you can be warned and be prepared that she might not feel the same about you.

She’s Terrified

8 Reasons Why Women Run Away As You Get Closer!

She might not show it but even she feels scared. Falling in love is easy but admitting it is terrifying for few people. It might be so for several reasons. Some people are scared because of the experiences in the past, for some, it is the first time. We can’t imagine what other person is feeling. A relationship is not same for everyone. Maybe she does like you but she just doesn’t know how to admit it and even though she has feelings for you she doesn’t know how to respond when you make the move. There’s no solution for this other than to give her time.

You Are Not Communicating Your Feelings

Making the move is not just enough. You might give her wrong signals by getting closer and not communicating your feelings to her. She might mistake your feelings for her as lust. You are not exactly telling her what you feel then how will she know. Due to this reason, she might be scared to get hurt and that’s why she might be running away. She might not be the one to assume things and might want you to spell it out to her that you love her. Until and unless you do so she might not get close to you.


8 Reasons Why Women Run Away As You Get Closer!

She might be going through FOMO- Fear Of Missing Out. She might like you but she might also be liking a guy who lives by her house. She is sure of her feelings for you but also has an attraction for someone else. She wants to be sure before she commits to you. She doesn’t want to miss out on a good guy just by letting you get closer to her and hence she’s pulling away. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you. She just doesn’t know whether she is ready to stop seeing other people. She is still testing the field. You making a move right now isn’t the right time in her books.

You Are Not Exactly Patient

8 Reasons Why Women Run Away As You Get Closer!

This is the big reason why women pull away. You might end up thinking that she’s leading you on but the real thing is that you are too aggressive or you are not exactly patient. Not many people like it when things run fast. They want to slow down things. If you are pushing it and pestering her to answer then you are being impatient and making her uncomfortable. Give her some breathing space, let her figure out things her way. If she really loves you, she’ll let you know once she’s sure.

Sometimes guys also become too aggressive. They become possessive and act too lovey-dovey even when they are just friends. This way you make her feel overwhelming. This becomes too much for her and she retreats from you. Don’t come off as aggressive.

She Doesn’t Know How To Tell You That She Feels Different

Maybe what you are thinking is actually right. Maybe she doesn’t really like you that way. Things were okay for her until you were friendly. She was unaware of your feelings for her and she was really good with you. But when you took a step closer she got the hint about your feelings for her and she might have realized that she doesn’t have the same feelings for you. When she pulled away, it was her way of telling you that she is not really into you that way.



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