9 important urine colours for analyzing your health!

The colour of your urine will tell you more about your health than you might suspect. So having a yellow or transparent urine does not always depend on the amount of liquid you consumed.

We will look at the urine colours and investigate the different signs you recieve.

It is a normal process that in the morning your urine will be more dark yellow than in the afternoon. Just a natural process, but it is still an important process to take notice of. As the urine says a lot about your health.

And for an analysis the colour is enough: for example urine discolouration can be a sign of cystitis, infection or even a tumor.

What is urine good for?

Urine is a waste product of the body’s own metabolism. The kidneys begin the process, a reason for why kidney failure is very dangerous. As the body will lose the ability to rinse itself from any toxins

Your urine is the end product of a complex process: it begins with our kidneys filtering the blood to remove toxins. What’s left is the urine. It then drips into your penal pelvis and from there into the ureter.

Ideally the urine should be odourless, sterile and pale yellow.

What is urine made of?

Healthy people secrete around 1.5 litres of urine daily. That is why you should drink about 2 liters of water a day. Because you should not forget that you will lose additional water through transpiration.

In this way, the body also regulates the fluid and electrolyte balance. Normally, 95% of urine consists of water – similar to body sweat.

The remaining 5% contains urea and acid, salts, hormones, water-soluble vitamins and dyes.

In general, a healthy bladder can store up to one litre of fluid. But most of us feel the urge to empty the bladder already from a quantity of 300 to 350 milliliters.

But why is my urine yellow?

The yellowish coloration comes from the bile pigment bilirubin. This is caused by the natural breakdown of the red blood pigment (haemoglobin) in our body. Bilirubin is excreted mainly in the stool. A minimal part, however, is also transported outside via the urine.

And now you probably already know why it is so important that you can read the color code of your urine:

If your urine is dark yellow, you may just be dehydrated. However, if you have drunk enough, you may actually have too much bilirubin in your urine. You can read what this can be an indication for and the other causes of urine discolouration in our colour scale.

Let us look at the different colors of urine!

What do my urine colours tell me about my health?

For our colour scale we talked to two specialists and used data from the Cleveland Clinic (USA). Generally, a distinction is made between light and dark urine. The following applies: If you have any discomfort regardless of the colouring, please consult your doctor.

1. Clear and colourless urine colour

No danger. When your urine is diluted it becomes transparent. Meaning you drank enough throughout the day. Over all a good sign. Keep in mind you don’t lose water and minerals just through peeing…Transpiration.

But if you are continuously thirsty, you should go see the doctor, as this can be sign for diabetes.

2. Light yellow urine colour

Nothing to worry about, you are hydrated in a healthy way.

3. Yellow urine colour

No signs of disease. Urine colour is in the normal range. But you should drink more. Spread it out over the day, you don’t need to drink a lot all at once.

4. Dark yellow urine colour

This should be you usual morning pee colour. Because we drink little to nothing at night, the urea becomes very concentrated. The result is dark yellow urine.

In hot temperatures this colouring can also occur during the day, because we transpire a lot more liquid, so there is less to urinate out.

Just keep in mind to drink a bit more.

5. Turbid (-yellow) urine colour

You should go to the doctor, as this is a sign for a bacterial infection. Opaque is not a good sign. Don’t take it lightly.

6. Dark yellow to orange urine colour

The cause can be too much bilirubin in the urine. Possible reason for this: damage to the liver or blockage of the bile flow (e.g. due to gallstones).

7. Dark red to brown urine colour

Indicator for having blood in the urine. This can come from an infection or even a tumor. Go to the doctor!

Brown urine is sometimes caused by severe dehydration. In that case you should see a doctor and drink.

8. Reddish urine colour

It could be caused by blood. But it is very hard to see small amounts of blood in the urine.

Do not panic, normally it has a very harmless cause. Think of what you had to eat last, as beetroot, blueberries or rhubarb can make the urine reddish.

9. Light green to neon yellow urine colours

If you take in extra vitamin B pills, your urine will become neon yellow. Nothing bad.

But if you have shades of green in there as well it could be an infection.

10. Why does my urine smell? Is it a bad urine smell?

There are simple reasons why your urine smells different. Normally it is in direct correlation to what you drank or ate. For example coffee can lead to smelly urine, especially if you are already dehydrated.

If it smells sweet and fishy it could be a bacterial infection by chlamydia. It is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STI). Go see the doctor.


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