9 Reasons why we moan while enjoying sex



The sounds of pleasure we make during sexual intercourse have a latent meaning. It also has significance. You groan and whimper in whirlpools of pain and pleasure, moaning at the mercy of the man grinding you or being grinded by you.


It’s all fun and pleasure and games, but do you know – Why we moan during sexual intercourse? Women have various reasons for moaning. Some of them have been stated below. So which is your cause for moaning?


  • Sexual Satisfaction

9 Reasons why we moan while enjoying sex

You moan simply because you are enjoying sex. You moan out of pleasure whenever the man thrusts deep into you, whenever he teases you. If you moan out of pleasure and satisfaction, just know, you are doing it right.


  • Does it Hurt?

9 Reasons why we moan while enjoying sex

Does sexual intercourse cause abdominal pain or a burning sensation in the vagina? Is he thrusting you in the wrong direction? Stop immediately. You are not doing it right if it hurts, or you are just not turned on enough. Explore gently. Tell your man unashamed.


  • Sexual Energy

9 Reasons why we moan while enjoying sex

You moan to energize the situation, to heat things up for yourself and your man. To increase the libido – to increase your sexual energy. Simply put, you moan to get back in the game.


  • Can you Dirty-Talk?

9 Reasons why we moan while enjoying sex

Oftentimes we moan to avoid the talk or basically because we are too awkward for the dirty-talk. Who knows what might come off as a turn-off in that situation?

Well, don’t worry. Moaning during sex is always a turn-on for the man. He feeds off your moan, so the kinky-talk will never be too necessary.


  • Boost his Ego

9 Reasons why we moan while enjoying sex


Some women tend to moan to make the man feel good about himself – to make him feel that he is doing a good job. It’s always great to reassure your man. But don’t just moan for the sake of it. Make your man actually make you have a good time!


  • Scream to Make Sex Better

9 Reasons why we moan while enjoying sex

You scream out of pleasure and moan uncontrollably to make your man go wild! The more you moan, the more your lover gets turned on and the beast inside of him wakes up. He grinds and thrusts you at the rhythm of your moans and screams of intense satisfaction.

Some of the best and most wildest sex is had only when you are the loudest.


  • Faking it

9 Reasons why we moan while enjoying sex

After a point, you get bored, or the orgasm comes to a standstill and you just want your man to get done. So you moan faster and heavier for him to finish, to hurry things up and ultimately end up faking one so your man to comes.


  • No Sound = No Orgasm

9 Reasons why we moan while enjoying sex

You know what really ruins the raw, sexuality of the moment – what really kills the vibe?

Silence and taciturnity.

Unless you reciprocate one way or another, your man won’t know how to time his orgasm and movements. He might not even be able to orgasm due to lack of response.

If you are unable to moan – express through your nails, body postures and facial expressions – and play music all the while, because silence could really be a turn-off.


  • Moan to Take Control

9 Reasons why we moan while enjoying sex

Few women are so good at moaning, that they can take the entire act of sexual intercourse in their own hands and make the man thrust according to the rhythm of their groans. They take complete control, guide the entire session and make the man come only when they want them to.


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