Abnormal sex dreams decoded


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Admit to the fact that we all have woken up drowned in sweat from a dream that was awkwardly sexual. Isn’t it? According to many researches, dreams are said to be repressed sexual feelings of a human being. But sexual dreams are really not a big deal as even a person who is soundly active in his sex life can have such dreams. Some renowned psychoanalysis has also said that people who lack physical intimacy in their real lives tend to seek contentment through such dreams.

Every dream is coded in a lexicon. There are dictionaries for dreams to see what meaning a dream derives and whether it is symbolic or not. These lexicons help analyse dreams on the grounds of common symbols. Below we are going to decode seven most weird and most common sex dreams that are not only bizarre but panting as well!

  • Sex with an ex

    Abnormal sex dreams decoded

Analysis: Such dreams depict a lack of power and balance in your life. Chances are that you might be dwindling between what you had and what you have at present. Also, if your sexual experiences with your present partner aren’t pleasing then such dreams can reflect that you long for what you had in your past. If your dream has violence, then it depicts that you are seeking dominating power over your partner.

  • The cheat sex

    Abnormal sex dreams decoded

Analysis: At times our subconscious mind uses visual stimuli to deal with the challenging situations that we face in our real lives. Dreaming of cheating on your partners by having sex with somebody else depicts that you are struggling with societal inhibitions or ethics. It means that you are in a particular situation where your thoughts are juggling between choices catering to the society and your own.

  • The stranger sex

    Abnormal sex dreams decoded

Analysis: We often have dreams in which we are having sex with an absolute stranger. Someone we have met right at the party or with someone you just met at an elevator. These dreams sign that you are looking for novelty in your life.  The stranger in the dream depicts something unique and new. It depicts that you want to have some kind of affirmative freshness in your life.

  • Sex with a superstar

    Abnormal sex dreams decoded

Analysis: These are dreams that are very common. These dreams simply mean that you want more attention. It means that you are seeking warmth by relating with a much-admired person. Having sex with a celebrity in you dream signs that you are looking for acknowledgement.


  • The forbidden sex

    Abnormal sex dreams decoded

Analysis: These sexual dreams can be dreadful. You indulge with objectionable individuals in such dreams such as your siblings, parents or relatives etc.  Such terrible dreams depict that new opportunities will knock your door. They sign travel opportunities and exploration. If you never thought of travelling to a new city but have been offered a chance, then such circumstances manifest in the form of taboo erotic acts in dreams.


  • Sex with the dead

    Abnormal sex dreams decoded

Analysis: These dreams are the rarest of all. In such dreams, you have sex with a corpse. Sexually involving with the dead depict that you are dealing with some unresolved conflicts or are in denial of something. The meaning of the dreams also gets affected by who the dead person was. If the dead person was someone familiar, then it also depict that you wanted to discover the connection between the two of you. If the dead person was your partner, then it signs that you need to settle an unresolved conflict.


  • The nude dream

    Abnormal sex dreams decoded

Analysis: Nude dreams are scary and realistic. In such dreams, you don’t really have sex but instead, get caught in the nude or else keep running hiding yourself from people. These nude dreams depict that you want to keep certain things confidential in your lives. It can also mean that you are feeling very vulnerable and exposed in your real life.

So next time you have one such weird dream, dig into its reality!




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