How to Attract a Leo Woman? My secret tips.


You are struggling to attract a Leo woman and make her fall in love with you? Leo women are charismatic, have a strong power of attractiveness and like to be admired but they also have a secret side. They indeed do not show their true feelings easily. So how to seduce a Leo woman and get her interested in you? We will reveal to you astrological secrets about Leo women and give you the tips you absolutely need to get your Leo female get crazy about you.

What are the personality traits of a Leo woman?

Fierce on the exterior, the heart of a Leo woman can be pampered with presents and surprises. She would not show, but she really is fond of gifts. Leo women love with all of their heart and they expect this love to get reciprocated in the same amount. They are also possessive partners. A Leo woman exhibits traits of being territorial. She will not let you share your attention to other issues when she is with you.

Women of this zodiac sign are jealous too, so do not try the jealousy card with them ever. Simply compliment them for their efforts. There is no point competing with them. Leos are generous by nature and they love to throw parties, host functions and applaud at your achievements. Betrayal is a term which preferably, is to be kept far away from a Leo woman. She will not mind minor faults and glitches, but once betrayed, she will harbor a deep-seated grudge. After all, it’s not a win-win situation if you are foes with a Leo. The best trait of a Leo woman is her loyalty. She will treasure your love with all her might.

What does a Leo woman like in a man?


Leo women are huge fans of commitment. They themselves are committed to their work and lifestyle and this is the same that they expect from their man. Leo woman likes independent spirited men, who have clear goals in life. Being dicey or indecisive is something she would not entertain at all. Do not treat her like a kid. A Leo woman looks for a man who can stride along at the same pace in the journey of life.

Leo women are film-like romantics, and romantic gestures touch their heart to its core. Strength of mind is what she will really appreciate in a man. For Leo women, mental strength is extremely enticing and self-control is something she looks for, in a rightful partner. She is also on the outlook for seasoning of confidence in her partner. Possessing the traits of a queen, a Leo woman is attracted by confidence and knowledge of self-worth.

How to impress a Leo woman?


One of the easiest ways to impress a Leo woman is to take notice of her tastes and choices, which are of course elegant and specific. Paying attention to her words is the least you can do.  While most of the woman of zodiacs like Scorpio, Cancer, Gemini, etc. are fond of flowers, Leo women love them specifically. They like personal gifts, tokens of love and remembrances.

What would work the most in your favor, would be, to keep her as the center of your universe. Leos crave attention. Being casual in your attitude, your style, or your dressing would not bring you much luck with Lady Leo. She is pleased with the thought of you, putting in efforts to please her or select a gift for her. Show her that your care. A plus point here, be humble around a Leo woman. That’s a quick impress cue.

How to get a Leo woman to fall in love with you?

Since she is a butterfly and often becomes the life of the party- sitting and brooding in one corner would not weave your way into her life. You will have to appreciate her, but do not even think of faking it. Leos are quick to catch a fake attitude, words or gestures. If you lend her your attention, be all ears to her, and show that you put in efforts for her- she is sure to notice your love. Your commitment, not just towards your work, but also towards her- will make her go weak in her heart.

Listen to her when she voices opinions, and respect her choices and decisions in life. Learn the art of compromise. You cannot dominate a Leo woman, and it is not the right thing to do as well. Approach her for advice, she will truly enjoy it. And at times she might provide you with a piece of valuable advice too.

What are the signs that a Leo woman likes you?


Though Leos are tough to impress, you can conquer the arena of her heart with the right behavior and careful efforts. If she starts trusting you with things or responsibilities, then this might be the first clue that she notices and appreciates your company. If they seek your advice in making decisions, then they view you as a respectful and wise man. Socially acknowledging you means Lady Leo loves your company and likes you strongly. Some of the clear signs that she likes soaking in your company are-

  • She will share her perspectives and opinions with you, rather than plainly stating them.
  • She will praise you without hesitation.
  • She will listen to your thoughts wholeheartedly and will dedicate her time and attention to you.
  • If she follows your advice, then she already has started considering you as a trustworthy person in her life.
  • She might talk about private matters and family life with you.
  • She will be excited to talk to you and wants to tell you everything.
  • She will be spontaneous in her attitude. She might visit you unexpectedly and arrange for sudden lunch or dinner plans.
  • She will try her best, not to offend you or hurt your sentiments.

What to talk about with a Leo woman?

Leo woman is enticed by intellect and good humor. They are witty by nature and seem to be tough on the exterior. But deep down in their hearts, they are sensitive and understanding. They appreciate conversations that allow them to throw light on their unexplored habits, hidden talents, loved past time activities. Talk to them about theatre and arts, they will for sure exhibit a covert interest in the topic. You can also talk to them about their possessions, what they treasure, why they are so attached to it and all. They will unravel the reasons for their attachment to a particular place or thing.

How to seduce a Leo woman with words?

This zodiac sign is unique and so are the women that are born under it. She is vocal and at times even wild. Hence, it takes for a perfect combination of both, words and actions/ gestures, to impress her. Most importantly all that bothers her, are your efforts and your dedication. Expressing it through words or gestures is entirely your call. Leo women are gracious and full of life, and so is their companionship. Just embrace the adventure that she is in herself and bask in her company!



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