How to Attract a Libra Woman? My Secret Tips.


Wild and playful, a Libra woman is indeed charming and enticing, and there is not much blaming yourself if you have fallen in love with her. It is easier said than done, wooing or impressing a Libra female can be a difficult task… but not impossible at all. Here are some of the secret tips from astrology, which will give you a useful insight into the prerequisites of making a Libra woman fall for you!

What are the personality traits of a Libra woman?


Women belonging to this zodiac sign can be described as quintessential. Delight is a key feature of their nature yet they can stay calm when required. She lives for fun and laughter. The Libra woman is easy-going, attractive and comfortable. She is open-minded and will provide her near and dear ones with personal space just when required. Libra women are ruled by the planet Venus, and love comes like a natural trait to them. They are caring and loving. They might be little too idealistic at times- when it comes to love. Fiction films and romantic movies take a strong grasp over their concepts of ‘what a perfect lover is like’. The Libra woman is gifted with a charming demeanor and finesses comes naturally to whatever she does. She also hones the art of flirting and being tactful.

How to seduce a Libra woman?

It might be a little bit of task to easily impress a Libra woman, but with a little attention to detail, you can surely ace this. Romantic setups and music are what a Libra woman easily falls for. They love being the center of attention. Beauty, nature, and harmony are what strike the Libra woman right in her heart. Subtle, fruity or floral fragrances turn on a Libra female. Champagne works as a good aphrodisiac. Sex is not of utmost importance to a Libra, it only follows love. Hence, any hasty behavior might disappoint or even annoy a Libra. Libra women are charming and flirtatious, and they expect their partner to be equally good when it comes to the art of flirting.

What does a Libra woman look for in a man?


Libra women look for a man who is patient. Inventive men attract the Libra, as she wants to see if a man can appreciate her features in a creative and unique way. Personality is what grabs the attention of the Libra female and she has a soft corner for men with humor and etiquettes. Libran women pay special attention to manners and details of behavior. If you are a man of etiquettes, a Libra woman is sure to fall for you. Artistic men are a weakness for Libra women. Since she herself is fond of music, jazz, theatre, etc. – she finds a common chord with men who have a keen interest in arts. Since she herself is fun loving and adventurous, she likes the company of men who are equally fond of exploring nature or binging on an adventure.

Things to know if you are trying to impress a Libra woman

Women of this zodiac sign, find compliments irresistible. But it’s just not about the compliments for her beauty or sense of fashion, she will really be elated if you praise her virtues and qualities. If you want to impress her, be completely honest with her. Not only does she appreciate honesty, but also respects it to a great extent. Being witty and intelligent has never been harmful. And the Libra quite agrees to this. The Libra female is also known for her sense of perfection, she likes things and setups to be perfect. Lavish and extraordinary setup for a date or a dinner will not please her as much, as a minimalistic yet perfect setup would.

Signs that a Libra woman is interested in you


  1. She will not refuse your offer for a date. But if she likes you, she will actually show up at the venue on time.
  2. Libras are friendly and they usually smile as they talk, even if it is with strangers. But you will soon figure out her genuine smile, only if she likes you.
  3. The Libra female does not shy away from flirting, and if she is interested in you, she will flirt with you and around you. She will not hesitate to show her playful side to you.
  4. If she takes initiative, it is a sure signal that she takes interest in you. She might invite you for a date, might cook for you or take you to a place she loves visiting.
  5. Libras generally do not release opinions in front of just anyone. If Libra woman has a thing for you, she will share her opinions and thoughts with you.
  6. If she dresses down and does not put on a perfect show of makeup and outfit in front of you, it means that she has found a level of comfort in your company. She will no longer want to dress extravagantly and is comfortable in being just her pure self.
  7. She will not hesitate in arguing with you once she feels that she genuinely likes you.


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