How to Attract A Taurus Woman? Some Insider Astrological Secrets

You’ve been lately fancied by the charming personality of a Taurus woman? YYou are keen to know if she is interested too? What attracts and impresses a typical Taurus female? Gentle, feminine and high tastes are what define the women born under this zodiac sign. It is not an altogether tough task to make them fall for you. We share some insider astrological secrets, which will help you to win over the heart of a Taurus woman.

What are the personality traits of a Taurus woman?


Taurus women are traditional. They are loyal, reliable, introverts and have a taste of artistic pursuits. They are emotionally strong and do not want to seem vulnerable in front of anyone. She loves to take on a new challenge, leads the way and exhibits the traits of a highly independent being. Lady Taurus is the simplest of all, she is not as complicated to understand as females of the other zodiac. Nature, wildlife, aesthetic things attract her. A Taurus female does not easily get angry, but when she does- her fury takes time to subside. Taurus women are intelligent and knowledgeable, and if not specifically that- they are smart for sure. Finances are, what Taurus women are great at. They are compassionate and loving.

What does a Taurus woman look for in a man?

Since the Taurus female is very well put together in terms of looks, career choices, lifestyle, they look for a man who is almost at the same pace with her in life. Women of this zodiac are attracted by a man who has a sense of family and is stable enough to take care of a future family. A Taurus female needs to know that the amount of love and efforts she is putting into a relationship, is being equally reciprocated. She looks for this quality in her ideal man. She likes men who are respectful. She is practical and takes things slow, and hence she looks for a man who understands self-control just as she does. Compliments, cuddles, and kisses are what she secretly likes and expects from her partner.

How to seduce a Taurus woman?


If you have your eyes set on lady Taurus, you have to appeal to her idea of what’s romantic. Taurus women can never say no to chocolates and truffles, they have a weakness for fragrances that are refreshing and aquatic. Taurus women find a light melody in the background, with a fresh fragrance in the surroundings, and exotic food– seductive. They are not gold diggers they are wrongly interpreted to be, they just have a taste for finer things in life. High-end restaurants, posh art galleries, expensive gifts are her weaknesses. Do not rush while flirting with her. Taurus women prefer the slow and easy course of things, and they will be playing along with your flirt game, once they start liking you. She will be more comfortable with traditional flirting rather than experimenting with something new. Taurus women are passionate and seductive, but will not give in to your charm unless you have earned their trust.

How to get a Taurus woman to chase you?

Taurus women have a traditional sense of love, and cannot resist a gentleman who has a romantic streak to his personality. Show her that you are a man who works hard and puts the commitment to whatever he does. If you have an interest in the stock market, money matters, Wall Street affairs- she might be instantly attracted to your knowledge. Something that is inspired by the movies- like a stroll down the beach during sunset, is what she will totally love. If you are a sweet and romantic man, she will surely fall for this side of yours. Men who are financially stable and have defined career goals are extremely charming to a Taurus woman. Find a way to make yourself one of her goals, and she will pursue you with all her passion.

Signs that a Taurus woman likes you.


Although unpredictable, there are a few signs lady Taurus will give, indicating she is interested in you.

  • The Taurus woman has eyes that speak. If she gazes at you for long, she is probably thinking about you and wants to know you more. A Taurus female never misses a chance to look at someone or something she is curious about. And if she is interested in you, her gaze will be warm and distant.
  • She starts initiating conversations with people if she likes them. Since she is less expressive, her talking to you and starting conversations is a sign of her interest in you.
  • Taurus women are highly secretive and do not lend their trust to just anybody. They are generally skeptical of confiding in people. If she is vulnerable in front of you or shares her fears or secrets with you, she trusts and likes you.
  • Lady Taurus is reliable for someone she is fond of or holds dearly. She will be there when you need her help, and even at times when you specifically have not asked for it.
  • If she likes you, she will be extremely supportive of you. Whether it’s a business or a hobby, she will give you that extra motivation because she believes in you and wants you to be happy.
  • Taurus women often show their affection for someone, in the form of small thoughtful presents. And they expect you to reciprocate it with gifts too.


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