How to avoid razor burn!

With these 6 simple tips, you can avoid razor burn after shaving.  In most cases razor burn is easy to avoid, but as soon as you fall into a hectic rush, the annoying rash is already programmed – old razor blades, insufficient preparation or even the wrong care product can promote the all-too-well-known stinging feeling. To avoid razor burn in the future, there is an obvious solution: To follow the optimal shaving ritual. Here are six key steps that make shaving a painless routine.


1. Prepare your skin

Warm your facial skin before shaving with a hot shower or a towel soaked in warm water. This softens the skin and hair, in addition it opens the pores in your skin. This allows a faster and smoother shaving experience, because there will be less resistance. Then gently dab your skin dry and apply pre-shave oil to further soften the hair. It also protects your skin against the sharp razor blades. Now your skin is optimally prepared for the next step.

2. Use a sharp and clean razor

The advertising industry gives us the impression that the perfect shave, can only be achieved with a five-blade razors. But if you prepare your skin properly in advance and  use a clean, fresh blade (free of dead skin cells and bacteria), a three-blade razor should not cause any problems.

3. Apply the foam

Gently apply the foam to your face by using your hands or a shaving brush. Let the foam sink in and further soften the hairs. A good foam is the one from Nivea, as it is specially designed for sensitive skin. A shaving brush has few advantages. By using a circular motion you can spread the foam more evenly in the beard and it lets your hairs stand up. In this position they become easier to shave off.


4. Don’t press the blades into your skin

Is the razor blade sharp and clean? Have you prepared your skin with warm water and pre-shave oil? Then applied the foam with your hand or a shaving brush? Then you should have a smooth and flawless shave. If you exert excessive pressure, you only get skin irritations such as pimples or even cuts. Instead of rushing the razor blade over your skin, you should rather push the blade against the direction of growth with light pressure.

5. Apply more foam

In case you did not shave all of the hair off, you need to apply the razor again. This should not be done without putting more shaving cream in your face. You should hold the razor blade under running warm water, to rinse out any access skin and hair. Apply the foam to the required spot and continue shaving against the direction of growth.

6. Wet your facial skin with cold water and aftershave balm

Just as you helped your pores to open at the beginning, it is now time to close them. Just splash some cold water in your face. This will also take the remaining shaving foam off your face. Afterwards it is particularly important to apply a nourishing aftershave balm, such as the one from Nivea. This supplies the stressed skin with vitamins and moisture.

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