What are the Benefits for an Open Relationship?

Yes, the first thought about an open relationship is heartbreaking. The idea of your girlfriend being with another man is cruel. And for her, the idea of you being with someone else is also displeasing.

For many people the alarm lights go on when they hear about the concept of an open relationship. Many argue that you don’t mean serious business in the relationship. Many say it is an easy way to get out of the relationship. Or they say the online dating apps have made it impossible to form long lasting partnerships.

But where do all this assumptions of what a good relationship come from. They are also no more than just a concept of what could be the right approach. We believe that every couple has the right to define what is good for themselves.

So we need to understand that the concept of an open relationship is spreading like a wild fire. More and more couples steer their relationship in this direction. The concept is not going away, it is getting a make over and becoming an excepted modern relationship type.

Let us see if an open relationship is something for you!

Let us look at some crucial elements.

Are there rules for an open relationship?

Of course there are. Every relationship has its rules. Some are just there and don’t need to be spoke about, others develop slowly over time!

Some couples in an open relationship agree upon it, but won’t say much if they met someone else for a night. Other couples might share more, as it might even turn them on. But it could also function as a control mechanism, that things don’t get to serious with the other person.

But the important part to remember is that it is a mutual consensual agreement between to people. That needs to be respected.

There will be many benefits, when you open up your relationship. At first you might not see them, but eventually you see that the relationship between you and your partner will reach a next level. There will be a different kind of trust between you, the sexual desire for each other will be reimbursed.

But you have to work on you open relationship. It is not about what works for you, but also how you partner feels. So it is important to listen to your partners wishes! Don’t think this is a free ride for trophy hunting.

Now let us look at some reasons for why you would want an open relationship:

Can an open relationship improve the communication?

At first glance the question could be answered with no…

But take a moment to think about. The moment you start to talk about the concept, it already opens up a new line of communication with the two of you. Connected to this discussions will be so many different aspects.

One you will be forced to listen to your partner. As a result she will feel more affection. Maybe this is something that had been lacking in your relationship.

Second you will understand her better. Maybe you will understand her think process more better. Knowing about what she likes in relationship is important and rewarding.

Thirdly the communication can become more honest, because you sharing things with your partner that can form a very strong bond.

Will you trust each other more?

As a result of the increased communication, you will feel more free to address issues. Addressing an issue in an relationship can be a complicated matter. And when you lack the ability to do so, trust will erode.

If you communicate more and the honesty level grows the easier it will be to talk about issues that disturb you. Trust will increase again.

Further you senses will become more heightened to the feelings of your partner. You will learn to understand her behavior patterns. If you don’t misuse the information she will notice this and repay it with trust.

With increased the issue of jealousy will decrease! A factor that does destroy so many relationships. A fear that everyone has, but we need to learn how to control it. Communication, honesty and understanding the needs of your partner are part of this equation. All of which get addressed in an open relationship.

Will it prevent you from breaking apart?

There will never be 100% certainty if you embark on the journey of an open relationship. But when your relationship is already in turmoil it might be a solution to bring back the fire in your partnership.

Opening up the relationship might bring the desired distance to your party without ending it. Sometimes issues grow within relationships but won’t be addressed properly as you are stuck in your daily routines.

Getting an outside inspiration might soften up the existing structures and give you both a new and refreshing perspective on the relationship and how to deal with issues. The relationship has a possibility to be re-vitalized by the distance as it can draw you back together.

Will my sex live improve?

If the reason why you want an open relationship is to spice up your sex live, you will achieve this goal.

The sex with you partner will feel different and more exciting as both of you will gain new impressions. The likelihood to try out new stuff will increase.

But on the emotional level you will learn to cherries the sexual moments with your partner even more. A further step to deepen the bond between the two of you.



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