Best ways to be positive in the worst of situations!

Best ways to be positive in the worst of situations!

When it comes to the struggles and hardships of life, the tricks that life plays at you always seems meaningless and needless to say ‘Life is uncertain’. The uncertainties and sufferings of life often brings the strongest of the strongest to bow down and lose their strength and energies. When we are in a situation that is completely out of our controls, our minds keep dwindling between ‘never give up’ and ‘I give up’. The world is witness to remarkable stories of so many people who survived the worst in their lives and came out through as a much refined and successful person and all of it just because they didn’t give up. There is no debate to what positive thinking can do to you and the endless powers it occupies in transforming lives. But in a situation that is constantly damaging you either physically or emotionally, how do you keep the positivity alive?

In this article, we’ll tell you what you exactly need to do in order to fight the worst situation in your life with a positive and optimistic mindset.



‘Don’t play with that lot, they are not nice for you’ is something that we all have heard in our childhood. In our young age, we always kept wondering that why our parents disliked our company with certain kids or the teen angst in us never helped us realize that why our parents always unhappy with our friend circle. Our association and friendships to the wrong ones can actually causes much more destruction than the damage a physical illness could do to us. It is because they give the wrong energy and vibes to you and the wrong context of words in the time of need. If you will surround yourself with people who always have a negative outlook towards the world around, you’ll never be able to pick yourself up in a bad situation. Even if you try, they will make sure that they bring you back to the same pavilion where a part of your mind wants to believe that nothing is going to be okay. Is that true? Hell no! The law of attraction talks about the power of positive thinking and how it can change things around you. In order to bring that into reality, you need to be around people who have a positive thinking and are constructive in their approach.



Best ways to be positive in the worst of situations!

Early in the morning when you wake up, make sure that the first thing you do is watch five photographs of people who are under privileged and are struggling for basic necessities like food, water and clothing. This will help you be thankful for what you have and will make your mind free of a thought that generally ponders when you are in adversity that ‘I’m the only one’. No you are not and there are millions of people around you who are actually going through worse. The fact that you are able to read this article states that you already are equipped with a decent internet connection whereas so many people in the world are dying by not getting a glass of water. Think about it. Be grateful for what you have.



In worst situations, people begin disparaging themselves and start taking into account each and every action of them. Does it do any good?  Not at all! It only puts you in a vicious circle where you are doing things, things are not working out in your favor and you are blaming yourself and regretting. Situations are hard and overthinking is normal but being sagacious is of paramount importance. You cannot be looking down on yourself by questioning your actions all the time. Take it easy. Just keep trying in your capacity. Things will take time but they will change.



Bad situations make us sulk and we often go into a dormant stage. Honestly, this isn’t a wise thing to do. Keep things as normal as possible and don’t stop moving around. Don’t cut yourself from your friends and all those get together and outings just because the time isn’t right for you. Isolation is a pretty deadly thing and will give you space to invite the devil into the mind. As it is rightly said, ‘An empty mind is a devil’s workshop’.



The biggest of the biggest administrative jobs are given to people who can find instant feasible solution to a problem. This is a quality that every company looks for when they want to hire someone. You must be talented and will be having all the degrees but if you are habitual to whining in a problematic situation, no company will keep you. Every thought why? It is because they know that no matter what your scores reflect about your academics; your attitude speaks about your personality. First and foremost, accept that it has happened to you and you are in a situation of adversity. Secondly, don’t fold your hands and disintegrate, get up and try finding possible solutions. If one doesn’t work, try another and so on.



Best ways to be positive in the worst of situations!

As a part of solution finding, you should draw out plans. You may be in bits and pieces, spread all over but with the help of a good plan you can fix yourself and build things block by block. A plan helps you to organize things and makes you feel less out of control. When you start planning, you automatically feel that things are taking track and you are moving in a positive direction.



This is where most of us fall back and hurt ourselves. We all are in a hurry to make things happen. You need to make peace with the fact that changes have to survive the test of time and hence, you should take one day at a time. If you are going to eye on the final destination, the chances are that you are very soon going to give up. Hence, only aim for the following day and try making it as productive as you can.



This works wonders! With so many platforms on social media and internet, you have enough access to some of the finest inspirational quotes and proverbs. A well written sentence has the power to change your outlook for the day. You should watch inspirational videos and listen to audios by people who are survivors and positive thinkers.



Never underestimate the power of laughter. A laughter from the bottom of your heart has the capacity to make you feel as light as feather. One of the most effective weapons of humanity is said to be laughter. It can do mighty good things to your mind and body. ‘A smile is a curve that sets everything straight’.


What you speak is a reflection of what is in your mind. Also, what you speak is an incarnation of what you are. This is why you should always instill positivity in your speaking. Always using sentences like ‘I can’t do this’; ‘This is not going to happen’, and ‘I am not meant for this’ etc. will only attract negative energies. It is rightly said that whether you say you can do it or you cannot, you are right.



You need to grasp that there is not a single person on the planet who has a life that is only filled with joy and happiness. We all have our own share of hardships and happiness. The ten things told in this article are things that will help you stay positive in the worst of situations and will demotivate you from giving up.



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