Big Benefits of Masturbation!

I know most of you will be uncomfortable while I talk on this topic but that’s the exact reason we need to talk or write about it. Today I’m going to talk about a sexual topic, masturbation. We have been raised in a society where sex is considered to be a taboo to talk about. It should be kept hush and not discussed in public. Somehow discussing it in public makes you ill-mannered and ill-cultured. But let’s just accept the fact that sex is a physical act just like all other and it’s we who have hyped it. So, if you are someone who likes to please yourself (and I know most of you do), don’t be shy about it. It is totally natural and I’m here to discuss the health benefits of it.
7 Benefits of Masturbation!

Boosts mood:

We all live a very stressful life in the modern generation. Our body has it’s own chemicals and mechanisms to save us from this stress. We only need to learn how to tap into them. One of the easiest ways to get these feel-good neurotransmitters is having sex. But it is not necessary that everyone has a partner (you may in the future). It’s at these times that masturbating comes handy (you see what I did there!). It releases the same chemical as produced during sex boosting your mood and reducing stress.

Improves sleep:

For all those people who have had sex at least once, what’s the next thing you wanna do after you reach climax? You like to doze off. That’s because just as you ejaculate your body releases many chemicals including oxytocin, vasopressin, and prolactin which help you sleep better. So, if you are someone who has problems going to sleep; you can always help yourself and it will put you to sleep. Also, slowly your sleep patterns may improve and you may not need masturbation or sex to help you sleep.

Helps you last longer:

Are you one of those who gets nervous about your sexual performance? Don’t worry you are not alone. It’s usual with people with little or no sexual experience to worry about their sexual performance. But that is where masturbation can help you. If you believe you are going to get laid on a date masturbate about an hour before the date. This helps you get a control over your desires and avoid premature ejaculation. Also, it helps you know how long you usually last so you can work on the foreplay accordingly.

Reduces erectile dysfunction:

Why do you think we are advised to exercise regularly? Muscles, when not used, tend to lose their strength and functionality. According to a scientific study, the no. of males out of thousand who suffer from erectile dysfunction reduces to half if they have frequent sex. It’s just like working your muscles over and over to keep it in the game. Now if you aren’t someone who gets sex that frequent, masturbation can do the same thing. So, don’t hesitate to help yourself now and then.

Prevents prostate cancer: 

Before you call bullshit on this, understand the science here. Pushing out the old semen helps to pave way for fresh semen reducing your chances to get this diseases by about 33%. A study conducted by Harvard in 2004 found that men who ejaculate twenty-one times a month were less likely to get this disease than men who ejaculate seven to nine times a month. The exact link between masturbation and prostate cancer is unclear and still in research, but flushing the prostate of carcinogens that could cause harm is the primary objective here.

Prevents STD (sexually transmitted disease):

This is the most common but true benefit of masturbation. The more the number of sex partners you have the more are the chances of acquiring any one of the STD’s. Also, not everyone can get a hookup partner as much as they like which may lead them to paid sex again increasing the chances of contracting STD’s. It’s a natural desire and hence we don’t play the blame game here but the best option would be going solo if you aren’t sure.

Improves heart health:

Let’s all admit that we hate the gym as frequently as we should. All it does was get you into trouble with all those heart diseases waiting for a chance. Don’t worry you can still outrun it. A study found that men who reach orgasm only once a month are 45% more likely to contract a heart disease than men who got twice or more a week. The increased heart rate achieved during sex/masturbation helps to keep the heart healthier and not contract diseases easily. It’s the same effect as cardio.
Now, don’t go overdoing it just because it has it’s health benefits. You must remember that everything is good only till a limit. So, enjoy yourself and keep yourself in check.


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