Why I should brush my teeth in the evening!

The eyes are heavy, the TV sounds in a distance and the thoughts become blurry. Quickly one falls asleep on on the sofa. Many of the people have not cleaned their teeth at this stage of the evening! And when getting up from the sofa, most people think, it is not so important, let’s just stroll into bed, because if I clean my teeth now, I will be awake again. I can still brush my teeth the next morning and everything will be fine.

But this starts a bad habit and it is horrible for your teeth, your mouth flora and your entire body if you cut back on your teeth hygiene.
Experts warn: Who brushes his teeth only in the morning, not only risk unpleasant breath. But in the long run, there will be holes in the teeth, bleeding gums and tooth loss. Because due to the greatly reduced salivation, bacteria can spread at night especially well. That’s why you should never forget to brush your teeth in the evening.


One in four men brushes their teeth in the evening! We see that men are especially lazy to  clean their teeth in the evening. This has been revealed by recent studies done by health insurance companies in the US. According to them one in four abstain from brushing their teeth at bedtime – and thus accept impending tooth loss, because they lack dental care.

Don’t miss out on your dental hygiene!


Of course no one gets a hole in their tooth, when they forget to clean them once in a time. But the remaining food between your teeth or any other deposits one might have will have a negative impact on your teeth and mouth flora. In addition, the explosively proliferating bacteria in the mouth cause periodontal disease. This chronic inflammation causes the gums to go back over the years, this will harm the entire periodontium including the jawbone in the long term. But that’s not all: through the inflammatory foci in the gums, the germs can get into the bloodstream and in the worst case, cause arteriosclerosis and heart attacks.


In order to prevent these damages to your teeth, start to clean your teeth daily. Start a ritual and you will never forget. New teeth are very expensive and can be a painful experience! And try to change your tooth brush at least once a month, every two weeks would be even better!


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