How can Karma change your life?

How can Karma change your life?

The way our life revolves around various different situations and the actions that one does in it and the succeeding repercussions of those actions, it is simply next to impossible to believe that Karma doesn’t exist. Our real life experiences are enough to denote the presence of Karma in our lives. A lot of us must have had actual understandings where we observed that ours or somebody’s actions resulted in an equal reaction. As per Karma, when we think, speak or act we start a force that will react consequently.

If we develop our understanding of things based on the very concept of Karma, we will be able to furnish our lives for better and it will therefore lead to watchful actions and there will be a far restored sense of being. This article will lead you into some beautiful laws of Karma and how they have the power to change your life.




Our actions are a personification of what runs in our mind. If you do well to others, it simply means you expect good for yourself in return. The law of ‘Cause and Effect’ suggests that who you are and what you reflect out into the universe is what that will reflect back at you. If you want to know how this law works, it simply demands that you should give out or embody the energy out into the world just the same as you expect your life to give in to you. If you want to be treated fairly by others, you must begin by treating others fairly. You must give out what you expect to get what you want. If you want to be loved then you must love the people around you. If you disregard people around, you too will be compensated with the same. Hence, one must be in good reliance and be noble.



How can Karma change your life?

Well! That heading is self-explanatory. But let me explain this to you. In the concept of Karma, it is said that we are the creators of our lives we are leading.  The power of creation lies within each one of us and it is our consensus with the universe that builds who we are and what we allow in our atmosphere. This is the reason why the ‘Law of Creation’ in Karma suggests that you always must surround yourself with positive vibes. Since, you have the supremacy to craft your life, craft it beautifully.




We like to blame people for things as it is very easy to point fingers when your growth is stagnant. But ever tried finding out the reason that why your growth is motionless? When you enter into an introspection mode, you will realize that the only obstacle between you and your prosperity is you, yourself. The ‘Law of Prosperity’ explains how our spirits are the bearers of our progress and success. The law of prosperity states that our spirits will grow and prosper only when we decide. The transformation that will cause the development has to be ‘Ourselves’. Life around us will sooner or later follow the changes and our circumstances will begin to alter for better and will become well-intentioned.




Several studies on human psychology have suggested that human mind takes a very long time to accept the truth. The reality, when it is not in our favor, gets us stumble sometimes. During that period, the hardest is to make peace with the fact that this is how our life looks like and it is the ‘truth’. Things go wrong, troubles happen, we find yourself in the middle of a pool of problems but what we do is state somebody else’s name for being the root cause of all the hassle. Karma says that if it is your problem, then you are solely responsible for it. According to the ‘Law of responsibility’, we are responsible for whatever is going on in our lives. It states that our life is a mirror of our actions. It is important that we take responsibility of our problems and be the solution finders instead of loading the burden on somebody else’s shoulder.




Every single thing that we do has a reason behind it and it leads to the structuring of our world. All our actions are liable for the constitution of our universe. Be it our engagements with different people or our movements, everything is connected and each step that we take leads to the following step and so forth and so on. The ‘Law of Connection’ in Karma wonderfully outlines how our past, present and future is swoon by the spiritual and behavioral principles we abide by.



How can Karma change your life?

The ‘Law of focus’ in the concept of Karma explain that why an individual cannot be of high spiritual morals, if he is indulges in two thoughts at a time. For example, a person who practices humility and kindness during the day but is very selfish and greedy at night, such kind of a person simply depicts lack of focus in life. The law beautifully states that a person cannot sail in two boats at the same time. If your nature is sadistic and you are nasty to people around you, it is a clear indication that you are investing all your energies there itself. The law also suggests that focus should rely on positive things in order to be of high morale value and standards. If you will practice evil and focus on disdaining your fellow people, it is going to come back to you eventually in some or the other form in your life.




When someone backstabs you or puts you in distress, you always wish that the person experiences similar feelings that you are going through. The pain and agony inside you shouts for justice to the universe. Basically, what you expect is Karmic energies to take case of the situation. As you know, Karma clearly states that for all your actions, there will be an equal reaction which means that if someone had caused you hardships, he or she too will have to face some form of adversity in their lives. What will be the degree of the suffering will be decided by the Karmic energies. The law of Karma actually works; we fail to understand because we expect to have a proof which you sometimes get if you are lucky. But I am sure you must have been witness to Karma by being a part of somebody else’s story. You would have seen things coming back in the same manner as to how the person initiated.

Understanding Karma helps you lead a much secured and fruitful life. Your existence will replenish into a prosperous one and will help you make progress as a human being. Karma helps you grow both spiritually and emotionally. Once you understand the concept, your life starts thriving and you embody good vibes and happiness. In the end, I would like to sum it up with my favorite quote- ‘Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.’






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