Can women and men be just good friends ?

Men and women are different 

Men and women are made up of the same genetic make-up, other than the difference in one chromosome only. They also differ in the way they respond to situations, in the way they behave and react and the way they communicate. Men for example, tend to approach easily (not being judgmental, there are men who are even shy) and women are mostly at the receiving end where they decide whether or not to communicate with the man who just approached them (again, considering all the smart women who are confident to approach first). Friendship between the sexes is completely normal and humane, and despite their differences in attitude, a man and a woman can become lifelong friends.

Understand your limits 

What it takes for the two of them to understand is the clarity of friendship, both the sexes need to understand their limits, their own boundaries and not try to cross them. But we even do have friends with benefits, a relationship where the man and woman tie an invisible knot for physical benefits only, and nothing more than that, in this kind of friendship there are no feelings involved. But how far can someone be friends with the other, without feeling for the person, is the question.


Can women and men be just good friends ?

It isn’t easy to cut out feelings for the person standing before you, especially if he is a friend and perhaps more intimate than that. We are humans and we tend to have emotions for our immediate surroundings, so it’s not unnatural if we start feeling for our friend of the opposite sex. Here in lies the dichotomy. To be or not to be? One needs to stop slipping when we make friends with the opposite sex.

It is important to understand and comprehend the feelings of the person standing before us. In most cases, the male friend mostly desires for female companionship only, and women look for love, but the circumstances change and the man falls in love, whereas the female makes him a friend. To avoid this disastrous turn of events, looking for a stable safe friendship rather than a tumultuous friends with benefits kind of a relationship is safer and comes with a promising feeling of liberation – plain holistic company, fun and frolic.

Love and friendship

Can women and men be just good friends ?

There is a small diffused quantity of love in every friendship, and we do love our female friends with all our heart, but it is a bit difficult to control the emotional flow and outburst for the male friend. Does this mean that we should not become friends with them? Off course not. Men are the most friendliest creatures, with a heart of gold, and they cherish their female friends and all the coy emotions that come with the friendship. Men and women were meant to look after each other, so if not a relationship, be that the same in friendship. Let the battle of the sexes be over, and let the genders join hands to make a more habitable planet with harmony and understanding. If that means shattering of a few hearts, let that be! After all, who doesn’t crave for selfless friendship and great company ! Cheers to all the women who have great men as wingmen! Let friendship rule !



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