Coffee and Sex go hand in hand!

More desire, more potency, more fun – a good coffee brings a lot of momentum into the love life. “Do you want to come to my place for a coffee?” This classical question implies more than just a coffee!!!

A recent study done by an Austrian coffee company showed that not only the invitation, but the “black gold” per se is an attribute for a healthy potency of eroticism. For example, 75 percent admitted that coffee can be contact-enhancing drink and one in two associated terms such as “warming” and “cuddly” with coffee.

It is an enjoyment with positive side effect!
One in five respondents believe that coffee drinkers feel hotter in bed than tea drinkers. The opinion that good coffee increases the desire for love is by 70 percent. Ten percent believe the hot drink to be an erotic, and seven percent even believe in a potency-enhancing effect.

Let’s see what the favorite coffee is: the cappuccino was in the lead, as 63 percent of respondents said they preferred to drink cappuccino, followed by filtered coffee (at 58 percent) and espresso (at 46 percent).

The majority of participants enjoy their coffee at home (84 percent), 27 percent prefer their caffeine at the vending machine and 13 percent enjoy it in the café. Three out of four coffee drinkers like coffee at any time of the day.

The more coffee you drink, the more likely it will be, that you meet someone you want to share more with, than just a coffee!


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