How to Compliment a Girl’s Picture on Facebook?

Compliments are something every woman loves. From a teenager girl to an adult lady, women like to be praised in one or the other way. Especially when it comes to pictures, every woman wants every picture she posts be appreciated and get compliments. But complimenting a girl in a right way can be tough or tricky. It is almost an art! But fortunately, we have some most trusted techniques and examples you can use to compliment a girl, whether to make her like you more, to date her or simply out of kindness.

What to comment on a girl’s picture?

To find the right compliment, the one that will really move her, you need to know what the girl loves in herself the most. Is it that she loves her smile, or that she loves her figure. You need to think what actually the girl admires in herself the most. Because, girls usually get impressed when they see a guy complimenting on what they already feel about themselves. During accepting such compliments either girls blush or they start taking interest in you silently.

Now, the question is:

What the girl admires in herself and how to figure that out?

There is a very good technique to figure that out. Just focus on her picture. Observe every detail very keenly. If she loves her figure, she would definitely give a classy pose. If she is in love with her smile or her eyes, she will focus more on her expressions. If she loves playing with her hair all the time and is very particular about her looks, she would either have a perfect hairstyle or would be just posing with one hand playing with her hair.

If you find nothing of that sort or are not able to figure it out, simply check the caption below her picture and frame a compliment related to that. If not even the caption is available to you, then give a compliment of your choice on her personality. Now, you are ready to frame your compliment.

Examples of the most beautiful comments that you can use

A list of generic compliments

If you are afraid that your compliment might lead to an embarrassing situation for you, then you are safe with the following compliments. Here is a list of generic comments you can use in every situation:

  • You shine bright like a star
  • You are looking heavenly
  • Beautiful
  • You look more like a princess
  • Such a cute picture
  • You are funny
  • *Colour name* suits you perfectly, seems like it’s just made for you
  • You are looking gorgeous
  • Your cute smile can melt anyone’s heart
  • Someone looked pretty today
  • You look more like a Goddess
  • Oh look! we have a fairy in town
  • Nice picture
  • What a natural beauty!
  • May this smile last forever
  • You look perfect
  • You look truly amazing
  • You got beautiful eyes

A list of special compliments

If you have a close relationship to a girl, if you want to date her or are actually already meeting her, then you can choose one of the following compliments:

  • Your smile made my day
  • You’re like a sunshine to me in my life
  • My only wish is that this smile doesn’t leave your face ever
  • I found the cutest smile ever in your picture
  • You are just like a dream come true for me
  • If you are a dream, I never wanna wake up from my sleep
  • You are the best thing I have ever had in my life
  • You are just as pure as the nature behind you
  • Never lose this smile because your smile is the reason for someone else to smile
  • You are truly a gift for the people around you
  • Such an adorable picture
  • Your beauty isn’t something that can be resisted
  • Got no words to describe your beauty
  • God, you are just perfect

These were some of the compliments that you can use to compliment a girl and make her feel happy.


How to decide the type of compliment that would fit in perfectly?

What’s your goal? Why do you want to comment on the girl’s picture? Is it that you like or love her, or you want to date her or is she just a friend? Depending on that, choose which comment fits best from the list. The most important rule is to be subtle and not excessive in your compliments.

For your first comment on her photo or her profile picture, use one compliment from the first list. Then wait a few days before giving another compliment. For your second or third comment, depending on how the relationship is evolving, you can move on to the second list.

My very personal tips

Apart from the above given methods, here are a few tips and advice I would like to share with you for successfully complimenting on a girl’s picture on facebook.

The very first tip is that, do not overdo things. As it is said, excess of everything is bad. Do not post such compliments that make people overthink. Only post what is required.

Do not use inappropriate words. Respect is something that every lady would demand, actually every human demands respect. Social media sites are a platform where everything easily goes viral within a span of a second. So complimenting with inappropriate words is like playing with the girl’s image and calling out trouble for yourself.

Avoid using sexual compliments! I would not advise you to do that since it can easily miss the target. Especially for public comments, sexual compliments are definitely not the right option. This will only make you seem creepy and would throw a negative light on you. Even in a private chat and especially if you don’t know the girl very well yet, sexual compliments are often not very successful.

Even if she she does not respond to your compliment, do not get offended. Do not disrespect her at all specially by posting some negative comment. This would only put a definitive end to your relationship with her.

Try to compliment her naturally, in a sincere and realistic way. It is always more convincing. Avoid too generic pick-up lines, cheesy comments or cookie-cutters. Be personal! Otherwise, the girl could figure this out and lose interest in what you are trying to say or express. Think of the compliments you would like to receive: generic ones or very personal ones?

These were a number of suggestions that will definitely help you to master the art of compliment a girl’s picture.

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