Are condoms the best method of contraception?


For couples who can’t pull out perfectly, the estimated failure rate is 27%. While for condoms, the failure rate is 18%.

The good old condom offers a 98% protection from pregnancy. Worn around the penis, the latex acts as a barrier and prevents the ejaculated fluid from reaching the vagina. Lamb skins tend to be less effective. Female condoms are placed inside the vagina and can be placed upto 8 hours before the intercourse.

Whether condoms ruin sexual pleasure or not has been a matter of debate in the recent past, in which unprotected sex has become quite common. There is a constant tussle between the viewpoints of people engaging in intercourse and brand owners occupied with endorsement as well as research workers as to the drawbacks and advantages of using a condom during sex.

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Are condoms the best method of contraception?

We have reached a time where women can choose which method she wants to adopt to avoid unwanted pregnancy. From IUDs to condoms to pills to women’s condoms now, women can decide on her contraception method.



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